Horn TP Antennas (TwistPort) vs Horn CC antennas (N-female connectors), price, loss, benefits.


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Why are Horn CC antennas with N-female connectors more expensive than TwistPort Horn + TwistPortTM Adapter with SMA Connectors?

If the TwistPort waveguide is a near-zero loss transmission line (direct connection to the waveguide) what happens to the losses at the N-female output (how much do I understand it is internally connected to the cables)?

What is the benefit of N-female connector interface over RP-SMA female connector interface?

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The CC horns have short, high-quality semi-rigid cables connecting the N-connectors to the waveguide feed of the antenna under the red cap. Since we control the manufacturing of the antennas, these cables add minimum loss compared to the combo of TwistPort horn + TPA-SMA. 

Some providers prefer the N-connectors over the SMA, because they might use higher tier / quality radios (example here) that have N-conn output.

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