How close togeather can we mount horns?

Tom DeReggi

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The Horn antennas are extremely compact, and from a physical perspective, they will fit very close togeather. Pretty much just limited by the radio height, and enough room to remove them from the twistport.

However, has anyone done the math to determine how close we can collocated a groups of horns togeather and still have adequate isolation between the radios.

For example, if we were to use the newest rev Ubiquiti Prism (w/ tx/rc filtering) and literally stack them as close togeather as possible, how much channel separation would we need?  (im referring to AP to AP interference. I recognize CPEs would hear both APs near the edges)

For example lets say we want to get 4 - 30deg sectors for 120 deg coverage on one vertical mast. Just wondering how much optimizing the physical separation on the pole will help.  Im probably gonna stagger them alternating left and right of pole, and maybe going top down, stagger them 30, 90, 60, 120 (or similar) to aid in isolation, to optimize horizontal separation and to prevent sector's beams from crossing the other's path. But undecided on whether I need to add additional vertical separation or not.

I'll likely use multiple bands, to have large amount of channel separation. But there can also be other RF factors, that are less obvious. Such as receiver overloading, or one magnetic field interacting with another magnetic field that is to close.




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It does not really matter if you use horizontal or vertical separation but there should be some physical separation. We tested two horn antennas back to back 1 feet apart and they work great. However we usually recommend to mount them at least two feet apart but of course, the more physical separation, the better. Regarding the overlapping sectors, you do not need to worry about that. Thanks to the precise radiation pattern and absence of side lobes, the intersection beams will not co-interfere with each other. Check Rick Hughes speaking about his experience where he had overlapping sectors without interference.


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