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Hello! Whats difference between TPA-RBC vs TPA-RBP? Only Aluminium case? I have RB921GS (from mANTBox 19s - this antena good signal poor trougput) and it seems to fit both housings, but what do I get from one or the other?

P.S. This question was previously asked by the RF element u / RFelements_official, but no one answered. Funny, the company has no contacts on the website, the official supports do not respond, reminds Mikrotik. Butter.

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Hello, TPA-RBC is full aluminium body enclosure that will protect the radio from outdoor elements as well as interference better than the TPA-RBC. As you correctly mention - both are compatible with the same MikroTik router boards. Sorry for the reddit, we check it only time to time.
This forum or fb group RF elements English are the best places to ask questions about our products. Hope this helps

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