Down-Tilt Calculation

Brandon Lege

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I saw in another post that one of the administrators was willing to help calculate downtilt on your Symmetrical Horn Antenna.  I was hoping to get some help with this as well.


All CPE's will be within 5Km of Tower location.

4 - 5 AP's mounted at approximately 135ft AGL

90 degree  SH-TP 5-90 Symmetrical Horn Antenna's with Rocket 5AC Prism


I can attach overhead pictures of the area if needed.

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Thanks for the help.  I've attached all the photos I think you'll need.  New startup project so open to any/all suggestions.


All AP antennas will be mounted on the walk way surrounding the tank of the water tower at approx 135ft.


Also was considering using the Ultra Horn for a 5Ghz AirFiber 5x link at 17.11Km clear LOS.  But can't find it for purchase anywhere.

5Km Diameter.PNG

Main Town with Source Location.PNG

Water Tower Location 135 ft high mount on hand rails.PNG

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Thanks for sharing that info.  Based on the height you have the APs and the distance you want to cover I suggest zero down tilt with the 90deg horns.  You should be just fine.

As for the UltraHorn and AirFiber5X adapters, they are not available yet.  Just just announced the product.  AirFiber5X adapters are due at the end of this year or early next year.  The UltraHorn is due the end of Q1 2017 so probably late March at the earliest.  We will keep everyone posted on our social media platforms like Twitter and FaceBook as well as this forum.

Thanks again for posting your questions and we look forward to your results!

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