Need help with the RF elements link calculator

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The RFE link calculator on the right side under CPE setting and results you can select a radio. I assume this is the radio of the AP connected to the horn on the left side. Correct? I plan on using a LTU Rocket on the horn. Obviously would not use a rocket as a CPE.

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Hello, horns help to minimize interference - they decrease the noise floor, and increase SNR as a result of that. The number of clients you can connect to it depends on the radio you use for the most part. You can figure out how far you can reach with horns using our link calculator - - where you can setup all the details of the AP radio and CPE as well.

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Thanks Tom.  Yes I am going to use a RFE horn and UI LTU Rocket.  I have a unique situation.  I have to mount the horn on a tree along the shoreline of a lake and aim the horn up a hill to get customers.  This is a difficult area in Jacksboro TN along Norris lake.  I'm a small wisp working with hills and very tall trees.

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