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I have some doubts about how to install ePMP3k + TwinHorn Bracket. In the ePMP3k, we have two MU-MIMO modes implemented:

  1. MU Sector based on angle diversity.
    It requires antenna array with radiating elements spaced horizontally.
    MU grouping is based on Azimuth metric.

  2. MU Omni or Split-Sector.
    Based on isolated antennas connected to e3k chains 0/1 and 2/3. This is the case if we use, for example, two asymetric horns without overlapping coverage.
    MU grouping is based on Sector detection metric.

Could you confirm me if TwinHorn bracket belogs to the option 1? With TwinHorn bracket the antennas are separated vertically and not horizontally. Could you tell me if we have the same performance with this fixed vertical separation?

We need to know also have to connect both antennas to the radio when we use the TwinHorn. I can´t find any installation document.


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Hi Sergio,

You can use TwinHorn Bracket mounted Horns in both modes. The differences are following:

1. MU sector with angle diversity - based on the general theory of MU MIMO with array of antennas, they can be spaced horizontally as well. The resulting performance depends on how the radio operates. We have no detailed documentation to ePMP 3000 so we cannot comment on the results you should be seeing.

2. Split sector - this one is easy to understand and safer, you cannot go wrong with this mode.

If you feel like experimenting, my advice would be to test both modes for a period of time and on the solid base of the gathered data decide which mode brings you more value / better performance.

You don't need to connect both horns on a THB to a radio, you can connect them to different radios or connect just one if you don't have use for the additional capacity at the moment.

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