New UltraHorn and UltraDish antennas, and TwistPort Adaptors introduced at WISPAPALOOZA 2016


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New products announced at WISPAPALOOZA 2016! Let´s fix the noise issues for Point-to-Point deployments! 

Brand new UltraHorn TP Antennas for Point-to-Point links in high interference environment. More  


There is nothing like this on the market today! No side lobes secure ultimate noise rejection and forward facing 21 or 24dBi of antenna gain deliver breakthrough beam performance! More



More new products on parabolic dishes: Second generation of UltraDish TP antennas are here! Suppressed side lobes, wide band performance, new mounting system. More


All antennas here are a TP (TwistPort) products, increasing the coverage of our wireless broadband ecosystem. New to TwistPort? Check here! 



We also added more TwistPort Adaptors to enable UBNT Rocket 5AC PRISM a AF5X radios into TwistPort ecosystem! More 



Feel free to post your comments here! 

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We do not have a firm ETA at the moment. We are working very hard to bring UltraHorns as soon as possible but our works are paused due to new year holiday season in Asia. Stay tuned for more info.

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1 hour ago, Andrew Engel said:

Being that it is July now, any updates?

Hello Andrew, thanks for Your question. We don't have ETA yet. 

Besides following this thread about new product availability, don't hesitate to follow us on social media. We will share ETA as soon as we will have it - everywhere.

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