Symmetrical Horn Upside Down?


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welcome on and thanks for interest. Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class has a drain hole on the bottom part of the red cap so it cannot be installed upside down. However if you need to install it on the other side of a tower, you can simply use L mount like on following image:


L mount.png

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Actually, the problem for me is not a left / right issue, in this particular location (on a steeple) I do not have room for the connectors to come out the bottom of the antenna. The spacing would only work if the N-connectors came out the top or side. 

I'll look into alternative mounting locations.

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On 10/1/2017 at 8:57 AM, Mike said:

It does not matter if the streams are crossed when you are using them on different frequencies.

I wouldn't agree. At such short range signals from one will penetrate heavy in the radio circuits of the other. This is noise and at a very high level. Unless the radio has really good filters or out of working channel frequency rejection I think it is not good. I would never fit them like that...

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That is right just in case that the antenna is transmitting directly on the other AP. Since horn antennas do not have any side lobes, the other AP has to be in the main lobe. As you can see, this is not happening here, APs are not in the main lobe of the antennas, the APs are shifted and only streams are crossed. The proof that such an installation works is very positive feedback from customer who install it:



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