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Found 9 results

  1. Amigos de Rf Elements y a todos en general mis saludos. Mi nombre es Jose Rafael y soy de Barquisimeto Edo. Lara, Venezuela Me intereso mucho sus productos por su innovación contra el ruido en ambientes difíciles con mucha contaminacion de RF. La cosa es que necesito Instalar un enlace de 12 Km y uno de los puntos es un ambiente de mucho ruido. Es una montaña con una excelente vista hacia la ciudad y donde esta se encuentran instalados otros con enlaces sin ningún tipo de normativa o organización hay de casi todas las tecnologías en este sitio Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Cambium, etc. La verdad me gustaría que recomendaran que Antena de Rf Elements es el mas indicado para este tipo de ambiente y lograr mi enlace PTP sin problemas, ya probé con un Rocket AC y su Rocket Dish de 30 dBi, pero no me fue muy bien aun cuando hay excelente linea de vista hacia el otro punto, agradecería mucho su ayuda. Saludos Cordiales.
  2. I'm interested in ULD-TP-550 antenna together with Shielded Adaptor V2 for RouterBoard. I'm looking for: 1. Radiation pattern data in any format (ant, msi or raw csv, txt, etc.). 2. VSWR plots for full frequency range of typical RouterBoard radio (i.e. 4.9 - 6.1 GHz). Thank you in advance for your support.
  3. Hi all I'm having RF elements products for long time now , and i cant be more happier , when it comes to PTP or PTMP every one of the antennas working great , obviously it takes time to tune is and find the best settings but end result is brilliant, recently i was replacing PTP for about 10 miles, we tried MikroTik antennas , Jirous antennas etc non of them worked due to high noise and i don't even know what anyway the main point is replaced mikrotik antennas for RF elements UltraDishTM TP 550 and this is the result. I am not saying this is perfect because i know many of you will be criticizing but before i had problem to push 60-70 mb stable now id doesn't go under 200.
  4. Hi everybody, I would like to know what is the frequency range of ultradish TP 400. I am interested in the upper range. The technical data shows gain at 6 GHz but after 6 there is no information. I am planning to use it with a Mimosa c5c that covers 4900-6400 Mhz. Regards
  5. New products announced at WISPAPALOOZA 2016! Let´s fix the noise issues for Point-to-Point deployments! Brand new UltraHorn TP Antennas for Point-to-Point links in high interference environment. More There is nothing like this on the market today! No side lobes secure ultimate noise rejection and forward facing 21 or 24dBi of antenna gain deliver breakthrough beam performance! More More new products on parabolic dishes: Second generation of UltraDish TP antennas are here! Suppressed side lobes, wide band performance, new mounting system. More All antennas here are a TP (TwistPort) products, increasing the coverage of our wireless broadband ecosystem. New to TwistPort? Check here! We also added more TwistPort Adaptors to enable UBNT Rocket 5AC PRISM a AF5X radios into TwistPort ecosystem! More Feel free to post your comments here!
  6. New UltraDish™ TP 380, our high gain directional parabolic antenna that features our TwistPort™ lossless connector, has arrived! We are working hard to get them ready for shipping. Learn about this outstanding antenna on our web page:
  7. Hello, my name is Achmad Nur Amsyah, from Indonesia. On May 21, 2016, I've tested a pair of UltraDish antennas with 18-19 Km distance. They are equiped by TwistPort Adapter - RB and RB912UAG-5HPnD (mikrotik). Path profile : Map : Ponorogo site has crowded frequencies with many 5GHz radios in the air. Ngebel site is clear. Preparation : Instalation : Result : I've tried using another antennas ( with 25dBi ) before, but I could not get good result like this. Suppressed sidelobe radiation reduces interferences and enables installation in areas with high noise levels. So far, I'm so satisfied with UltraDish and Twisport. Achmad Nur Amsyah TONER CENTER Network Computama - Indonesia