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Found 31 results

  1. Viac info: Unboxing:
  2. Hola amigos! 😄 Ya tenemos disponibles en nuestra web las guías de instalación de los siguientes productos UltraDish TP - UltraHorn TP - Adaptador TwistPort PAF - Antena simétrica Horn TP Series Gen2 - Recuerden: Siempre usen un lubricante antiadherente en los tornillos de instalación de las antenas! Un saludo, Jorge
  3. Here is our webinar "RF elements Noise Rejection 101" done in cooperation with Streakwave on 10/18/2016. Below you will find all unanswered questions from that webinar. Questions and Answers: Can I have two 5GHz radios on the same channel (such as channel 100), 5 feet apart, faced in two different directions? Vertical separation vs. Horizontal separation? How many db down vs. Traditional sector? 5 feet apart shall work fine Would you have an example of what the signal strengths would be comparing the different sectors? Traditional sector I'm shooting for 60's, so I would suspect the signal would be better with less power Our Symmetrical Horn antennas have very precise radiation angle so the drop of the signal outside the main lobe is very steep: So not in every case you will see higher signal strengths. In those cases you will see possibly lower signal strength but more stable modulations rates. Are antenna patterns for Radio Mobile available? Find your antenna, than go to the download page and pick "antenna files" Are there any plans to make antennas in 3GHz? We are looking into many new frequencies. So does your antennas have a built in RF armor? Horns? For gods sake no! Their radiation properties do not require additional shields. Ok, i have a question regarding the horn antennas, using ubiquiti radios , what would be the selection that i have to do on the antenna list that the radio has? Use the closest gain / radiation angle that is available Horns are only 5GHz? Yes, full band Hi, what about wind survivability? We just went thru a hurricane matthew. Our current sectors survived the CAT4 winds. Some dishes like UBNT rust at the edges. Our antennas are made of aluminum and stainless steel. Our horn antennas are very compact, wind survival shall be better than some towers. What is the quality and survivability Built like a tank. Only reported damage was a few radomes damaged by really heavy hailstones. And yes, they will not survive a 100 feet drop What makes the symmetrical antennas better than using an isolator radome on a standard antenna? Horns are better because the radiation pattern has no side lobes, only one main lobe of radiation. It does not require an isolator - there is nothing to isolate to/from. The fact that other antennas require them should tell you everything. How does the antenna work in NLOS (near-line of sight) for 5ghz. Is it for pure LOS or can we get some NLOS from it? Our antennas are for 5GHz so the same laws of physics apply. It may be better in NLOS, but you will have to test if its better for you. Is there a space for the GPS puck for the Cambium epmp GPS synch aps? No. You will have to mount the GPS antenna on the tower or your mast or a mount. Are those mounting hardware stainless steel or galvanized materials? Handle salt air They are all Aluminum and Stainless Steel. We do not use any galvanized materials. How do the fresnel zones compare with the regular parabolic antennas? Fresnel zones depend only on frequency and the distance between radios. It does not have anything to do with the type of antenna so the fresnel zones will be the same. Can the horn be use for wifi hotspot? If you run a 5GHz wifi network, then yes its possible. We do not recommend the use of high gain AP antenna for wifi hotspots. What is max distance to install the UltraDish? Many things in the equation. Please use the link calculator Can Ultrahorn fit on Cambium products? Any twistport adaptor can fit any twistport antenna. At the moment we have twistport adaptor for epmp1000. Check: Plans for other freq's for horn? We are looking at many new frequencies. We use RF carrier class sectors, with rockets M5 inside RF shields. On the same tower, ... How close can we have them together? You should always seek as much separation as possible. Our Carrier class sectors are great for co-location. If we were to replace a 60° or 90° sector say by Cambium epmp series. What would be the equivalent antenna to look for? We are looking for a 60° to be installed on the same tower leg but pointing say due west. We use link planner and am concerned about the distance to calculate the distance. Though we are looking at about 3miles. For 3 miles - pick whatever beam width suits you. Do you have a link calculator? No. As many people would probably like it, we will think about doing one. Will you consider it helpful? Given the "Hard 30º, 60º, 90º" characteristics of your Symmetrical Horn antenna. Are there any guides as to how to mount install these? You have a few degrees before the edge drops off. If you have to precise coverage we would suggest you use 40deg Horns in place of 30’s or 70deg Horns in place of 60’s for example so you have space for overlap. Do you have any 900 MHz antennas? No
  4. Muéstranos tus despliegues!. Esperamos ver fotos del uso de los distintos productos de RF elements
  5. TwistPort™ Adaptor for RouterBoard™ is compatible with MikroTik™ RouterBOARD™ 9XX, 7XX and 4XX series, as well as with the recent M11 Series. Transition to TwistPort™ waveguide connector is terminated with two MMCX pigtails. Learn more:
  6. This TwistPort™ Adaptor (TP-A) is also compatible with the newest Gen 2 of Rocket Prism 5AC and with the AF-5XHD airFiber® radios. Complete List of compatible radios includes: UBNT™ Rocket Prism 5AC, Rocket Prism 5AC Gen2, airFiber® 5X and airFiber 5XHD. The migration path from Rocket Prism 5AC to airFiber 5X platform is smooth and effective, as no additional investment on TP-A is required. Learn more:
  7. Perhaps imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Whatever the case, Ubiquiti has a waveguide-equipped Prism radio and a small range of horn antennas. Please consider offering a throat adapter which will allow us to use these with the RFE UltraHorns and UltraDishes. thank you~
  8. New UltraDish™ TP 380, our high gain directional parabolic antenna that features our TwistPort™ lossless connector, has arrived! We are working hard to get them ready for shipping. Learn about this outstanding antenna on our web page:
  9. Hi I want to bring to your attention that we have bought 6 Rocket AC lite Shielded Twistport both V1 and V2 with very bad results. As soon as we plug the Rocket AC lite into the shielded twistport one Chain RX/TX simply negotiates really bad. It is not an alignment issue, I have tested 6 times. As soon as I replace the shielded twistport with a Non Shielded twistport the issue goes away. Any ideas, help from others? Thank you
  10. Welcome to WISP Traveler, where we travel the world visiting WISPs to discover interesting stories about their business. Recently we traveled to the beautiful Island of Cyprus, visiting Cosmos Wireless and letting William Demetriou share their Recipe for Success in delivering excellent internet services using RF elements Horn antennas. #WeHaveHorns #WirelessInnovation #RFelements
  11. Good afternoon, I have a scenario that quiciera improve: I ubiquitis prism with antennas AM5AC2160, my clients are between 3 and 6 km, connecting from -55 to -68 dBm and sell them internet 6 and 12 megs, the CPE are litebeam ac, the bandwidth reaches them without any problem to cleintes but on weekends the signal quality is maintained but if bandwidth, the tower area is clean, but customers being a community without internet I meet several suppliers and see that all demand bandwidth on all weekends cluttering the air-side customers if this saturated signal, expensive would come out changing technology because I have 100+ customers, andube investigating and say the horn type antennas help in these scenarios but what worries me is that choosing antenna, which would give me a distance of 90 °, 60 ° and 30 ° with the teams I mentioned. and e tested 30 ° maximum 2km and works great, but here the distance is critical and deliver the service contracted by the client. Please I ask for distances would you consider the 3 antennas because I have several scenarios in which there is greater distance should be covered. Greetings and thank your your time.
  12. Symmetrical Sectors - anyone tried them yet? Please put your feedback in this thread!
  13. Check our Symmetrical Sector Antenna webinar done with Streakwave and learn more about our great antennas.
  14. Q&A del webinar de 11 de Enero 2017: Distancia maxima en km que cubre en una comunidad..? depende, cubren de 10m hasta mas de 20km Cual es el software para calcular el angulo antes de ser colocado en la torre? donde puede simular todos tipos de nuestras antenas SYMETRICAL HORN con varios tipos de estamos advertiendo a los clientes usar la pagina Cuantos usuarios soporta este tipo de equipos (conexiones reales) normalmente WISP utilizan com 50 clientes en una antena. Existe alguna version del adaptador para los ubiquiti Nanostation M5 o M2 no, no tenemos adaptadores para los Nanostation M5 o M Que altura se colocan en una zona llana de arboles altos mi torre es de 70 mts. no hay una altura definida donde colocar las antenas, hay que probar cual es la altura mejor. Vi en las fotos que se puede ajustar azimuth y elevación, pero no veo si se puede ajustar el ángulo de las cadenas H/V. Se puede? no, el angulo de los H y V no es ajustable. Se comenta aqui el tema de que no se usan pigtails, sin embargo en la versión carrier class si lleva cable, merece la pena adquirir las carrier class? hay muchos clientes que han adquirido estas antenas en vez de otras y estan muy satisfechos. Te advierto el caso de estudio de WIFI.TEAM en nuestra pagina esta aqui con comentarios tambien. Que porcentaje de eficiencia es la diferencia entre una antena sectorial de las mas comunes en el mercado comparadas con las antenas rf elements?? esto es un numero muy subjetivo, a todos los clientes ha mejorado la senal significativamente, no es muy exacto hablar sobre el porcentaje porque este numero difierre mucho. Para el área de cobertura en valles, hay que variar el tilt? todo depende que tipo de valle es, lo mejor es tratar de encontrar el mejor angulo do colocacion en la torre. Si tengo dos antenas simetricas en la misma altura y dice que no se interfiere entonces podria elegir el mismo canal? si el area que estas cubriendo es la misma, no va a funcionar. Si quieres utilizar el mismo canal con las dos antenas, depende de que distancia tienes entre las dos antenas y que areas cubren. Tenemos clientes que utilizan el FREQUENCY REUSE y les funciona. Si tienes un caso muy especial, te advierto escribir el caso a la pagina RFELAB.COM para poder analyzarlo. Por ejemplo, en este video el cliente tambien habla del FREQUENCY REUSE. Cuales son las distancias que pueden alcanzar las antenas UltraDish-TP-550? hasta 80km Usar esas antenas es como tener varios discos normales cubriendo la zona? Entonces el uso de frecuencias es mayor ? Qué sucede entonces ahí con la cantidad de la torre? como he dicho, las antenas no interfieren una a otra, tenemos clientes que tienen hasta 7 antenas de las mismas en la misma torre sin interferir. Cuando estan en venta las nuevas antenas? si se refiere a las antenas UltraHorn, etsas seran disponibles al fin de Q1 de 2017 50 clientes por antena, con cual Radio recomiendan? Rocket,AirFiber,Empm1000, ... lo reportan clientes con varios tipos de radios las de 90 grados que distancia maxima puede cubrir? la cobertura siempre depende de muchas cosas pero normalmente cubren unos 3-4 km existen covers "tapas" contra el viento? hay tapa que cubre lo de adentro de la antena, no hay otras tapas que diferencia hay entre: TwistPort-Shielded-Adaptor-V2-for-RouterBoard y no V2 en la frequencia la version 2 tiene el rango mayor de la version 1 Existen covers "tapas" contra el viento? para las UltraDish-TP-380 y 550 no
  15. Soportan los nuevos TPLINK Pharos WBS? - si lo conecta a las antenas symetrcias CC con el conector N hembra, si va a funcionar, solamente hay que usar los cables necesarios RP-SMA con N macho, estos no estan incluidos. En el caso de los adaptadores tenemos que comprar tanto el adaptador como la antena trasmisoras? - el Twist Port Adaptador funciona solamente con la antena que tiene Twist Port conector, por eso si quiere usar este equipo, hay que comprar las ambas cosas (antena+adaptador) Todas las antenas tienen el mismo metodo de instalacion, independientemente del rango de apertura? - si se refiere a las antenas symetricas, si, tienen el mismo metodo de instalacion. No vienen Horns CC con RSMA como el cablecito que traen los Ubiquiti o Mikrotik? - no, solo vienen con conectores N hembra. Estas antenas soportan a equipos de 2.4 y de 5.8 ghz - las antenas symetricas solo funcionan en rango de frequencias 5180-6400 MHz. El rango de las antenas influye en el tamaño de esta misma? - el tamaňo de la antena difiere por la apertura que tiene la misma, la antena de 90°es la mas pequeňa y la antena de 30°es la mas grande Que equipos de proteccion utilisan para descarrgas electricas? - nosostros no usamos ningunos, depende de cada uno que quiere usar. Hay algunas mejoras en los equipos vendidos en enero 2016 con los equipos actuales? - La unica diferencia es entre los Twist Port Adaptadores, version 1 y version 2 – la version 2 funciona en mayor rango de frequencia (5180-6400 MHz) Cual es el costo de las antenas? Depende del distribuidor en cada pais, los distribuidores los pueden encontrar en la pagina
  16. Will RF Elements bring out a twistport adapter for the Ubiquiti airFiber 4x4 & 8x8 multiplexer?
  17. We have just issued RF alert regarding TwistPort™ Adaptor for Rocket 5AC Prism. If you are using it please ensure that you have correctly installed the radio. Simply slide the radio into the adaptor until you hear “click”. Make sure that the red lock pops out. If it does not, pull it manually. Watch a video how to do it.
  18. We started a new WISP and prior to launching it, did about 4 months of product testing to find what we felt was the best match for our environment. The final "shootout" was between Cambium ePMP and Ubiquiti Rocket 5AC. Both were tested with and without TwistPort antennas. We settled on ePMP products using RF Elements carrier class sectors (since these APs had to be in the 5.1 and 5.2 range). Our complete findings were written up and may be of interest to some of you:
  19. Pozrite si náš webinár a zistite všetko čo potrebujete vedieť o novej generácii sektorových antén, Symetrických Hornov, s unikátnym lúčom vyžarovania, skvelým výkonom a našim patentovaným proprietárnym TwistPort ™ konektorom.