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  1. Viac info: Unboxing:
  2. Hola amigos! 😄 Ya tenemos disponibles en nuestra web las guías de instalación de los siguientes productos UltraDish TP - UltraHorn TP - Adaptador TwistPort PAF - Antena simétrica Horn TP Series Gen2 - Recuerden: Siempre usen un lubricante antiadherente en los tornillos de instalación de las antenas! Un saludo, Jorge
  3. Here is our webinar "RF elements Noise Rejection 101" done in cooperation with Streakwave on 10/18/2016. Below you will find all unanswered questions from that webinar. Questions and Answers: Can I have two 5GHz radios on the same channel (such as channel 100), 5 feet apart, faced in two different directions? Vertical separation vs. Horizontal separation? How many db down vs. Traditional sector? 5 feet apart shall work fine Would you have an example of what the signal strengths would be comparing the different sectors? Traditional sector I'm shoot
  4. Muéstranos tus despliegues!. Esperamos ver fotos del uso de los distintos productos de RF elements
  5. TwistPort™ Adaptor for RouterBoard™ is compatible with MikroTik™ RouterBOARD™ 9XX, 7XX and 4XX series, as well as with the recent M11 Series. Transition to TwistPort™ waveguide connector is terminated with two MMCX pigtails. Learn more:
  6. This TwistPort™ Adaptor (TP-A) is also compatible with the newest Gen 2 of Rocket Prism 5AC and with the AF-5XHD airFiber® radios. Complete List of compatible radios includes: UBNT™ Rocket Prism 5AC, Rocket Prism 5AC Gen2, airFiber® 5X and airFiber 5XHD. The migration path from Rocket Prism 5AC to airFiber 5X platform is smooth and effective, as no additional investment on TP-A is required. Learn more:
  7. Perhaps imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Whatever the case, Ubiquiti has a waveguide-equipped Prism radio and a small range of horn antennas. Please consider offering a throat adapter which will allow us to use these with the RFE UltraHorns and UltraDishes. thank you~
  8. Symmetrical Sectors - anyone tried them yet? Please put your feedback in this thread!
  9. Check our Symmetrical Sector Antenna webinar done with Streakwave and learn more about our great antennas.
  10. We have just issued RF alert regarding TwistPort™ Adaptor for Rocket 5AC Prism. If you are using it please ensure that you have correctly installed the radio. Simply slide the radio into the adaptor until you hear “click”. Make sure that the red lock pops out. If it does not, pull it manually. Watch a video how to do it.
  11. Hello, my name is Achmad Nur Amsyah, from Indonesia. On May 21, 2016, I've tested a pair of UltraDish antennas with 18-19 Km distance. They are equiped by TwistPort Adapter - RB and RB912UAG-5HPnD (mikrotik). Path profile : Map : Ponorogo site has crowded frequencies with many 5GHz radios in the air. Ngebel site is clear. Preparation : Instalation : Result : I've tried using another antennas ( with 25dBi ) before, but I could not get good result like this
  12. Na akcii CUC sme sa opytali niekolkych zakaznikov na ich skusenosti s produktami RF elements. Petr Dolezal z firmy #Mirnet posobiacej v Nymburku nam povedal o skusenostiach so Symetrickymi horn TP antenami.
  13. We recently completed a four month long shootout between various radio and antenna vendors: Antennas used included the TwistPort, Ubiquiti AC sectors, Cambium sectors and RFE carrier sectors. The results showed the best performance (in our real world environment) to be the RFE carrier sectors. While we loved the TwistPort size, price and vertical beam size, the performance was just not there in the lower 5.1 / 5.2 channels we need to use. The performance of the carrier sector is incredible.