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Found 12 results

  1. Viac info: Unboxing:
  2. Watch our brand NEW recorded webinar - Migration to Horns 101 with @Tasos
  3. Pozrite tutorial, otestujte. Budeme sa tesit na Vas feedback.
  4. "Migration To Horn Antennas" - RF elements @ MikroEXPO 2017, Uherske Hradiste [Audio po slovensky, prezentacia v anglictine]
  5. Questions about link distance, downtilt or signal strenght with Horns? We've got you covered! Watch our video tutorial and learn how to use our free Link Calculator for #RFelements Symmetrical Horn #antennas. Pick your AP and CPE settings that will fit your needs and get the stats for your potential link immediately.
  6. Quite a few questions about dimensions of Horn antennas in last couple of days. Many are designing custom brackets for cluster deployments. Let´s make it a separate topic here. Below you can see three examples of pole diameter vs horn bracket clamps, for your better understanding / imagination. edit: please note, there are two sets of screws in package with every antenna - longer and shorter - so you can better adjust to actual pole diameter.
  7. Pozrite si náš webinár a zistite všetko čo potrebujete vedieť o novej generácii sektorových antén, Symetrických Hornov, s unikátnym lúčom vyžarovania, skvelým výkonom a našim patentovaným proprietárnym TwistPort ™ konektorom.