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Found 2 results

  1. What radios can I connect to SH-CC antennas? This product addresses the demand from customers using various radios, to which no TP-Adaptor is offered. These customers also want to achieve the strong benefits of Symmetrical Horns when building their APs and tower sites. Any connectorized radio requiring the SH-CC antenna performance can be used with these antennas. This includes radios from Mimosa Networks™, Cambium Networks™, LigoWave™, MikroTik™, UBNT™ and many many more. Why offer the antenna with integrated N connectors and not another TwistPort™ Adaptor with connectors on it? SH-CC is an antenna for radios that are difficult to integrate into a TwistPort™ Adaptor due to their size, weight or low market penetration. To create an adaptor for every radio on market is simply not feasible, therefore we introduced the product in our Carrier Class line, that provides a coaxial connector interface and is built in a fashion to match this environment (= built to last). Connectorized adaptors with N-type would be a more complicated solution, even though we understand there are people who would prefer such an option. Also, our approach is to keep the old coaxial standard and TwistPort™ system separated in our product lines to avoid customer confusion. Our ultimate goal is to achieve radios that will be created with a built in TwistPort™ and ZERO connectors. Are pigtails included and if not, what type do we suggest? Pigtails are not included. Every customer has its own preferences and requirements on length, connector type, cable quality, grade etc. The majority of customers already have their preferred source for pigtails based on their preference so we did not include them. What cables should I use with Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class antennas? We recommend using only high quality low loss 50-ohm coaxial cable with a length not exceeding 1m (~3 ft). What is the antenna performance compared to Symmetrical Horns with TwistPort™? By using SH-CC Symmetrical Horns, you will not be able to see the benefits of TwistPort™: virtually lossless connection without cables, easy installation and access to the complete TwistPort™ eco-system. Beam performance of SH-CC Symmetrical Horn antenna is basically comparable to SH-TP Symmetrical Horns with TwistPort™. Why N-type and not SMA-RP? The goal was to provide an antenna with a coaxial connector interface. Our choice was to use a connector that is more suitable for targeted radios. Conversion to another type of coaxial connector is easily achieved with adapters or pigtails.
  2. SYMMETRICAL HORN CARRIER CLASS antennas are here! Superior beam performance, unique interference resistance, dual linear H+V pol., 5180 - 6100 MHz Wide band, N-type connectors for wide compatibility with radios and premium built. Explore SH-CC series