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  1. Next question... the horn mounts do not seem to have tilt measurements written on them. How do I get my 10 degrees accurately?
  2. All clients will have this at minimum: By "minimum" I mean 16dbi gain.
  3. I wish you guys did not take this conversation offline as I am also at the "To tilt or not to tilt" crossroad. My 60 degree horns will be mounted on a 150 feet tower and my furthest customer away will be... 4 miles maybe? Tasos - Can you give us a rule of thumb here?
  4. I'm going TP. Less connections, Less exposure which makes for points of failure. Lastly, it cost significantly less
  5. The question is simple... If my radio has a TwistPort adapter AND a Carrier Class Horn option, should I use the TP or CC Horn? I am using Mikrotik Radios and I am unsure as to where or not I would be losing in any way if I take the CC Horn route (other than a lot more cash )?
  6. Slight discoloration on the plastic parts but you're right, it's carrier class grade
  7. Anyone using these antenna in coastal areas? What type of metal is the enclosure made of? How well does it stand up to sea spray?