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  1. hi... i have 2 RB-SXT 5 GHz devices from Mikrotik. they have the latest 802.11 ac protocol support unfortunately they outershell has broken due to handling mishap by the courier agency and hence they cannot be treated as IP65 anymore. the boards and radios inside are working perfectly fine. can someone help/guide me on which RF elements products can be used to integrate with those boards so i can deploy the units outdoors for a 15 kms link. thank you for the support in advance.
  2. 2 kms at present and later might be shifted to another location which can make it around 15 kms.
  3. unfortunately the new dish is still not stocked by the Indian distributor so was wondering what best could be use. anyways i was not comfortable with the 30 degree beamwidth for a pure PTP link :-) let's see what best can be done.
  4. hello, i have been told that this 30 degree device can be used for PTP links as well. i think a 30 degree beam would be far more wide for a PTP link. even for say 2 kms a wide beam will attract a lot of stray signal creating noise for the primary link. please advise.