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    First US virtual WISP event you cannot miss, neither will we - come and visit our virtual booth, listen to our breakout session with topic 'The power of horns' and have fun with the games and win prizes! 10+ sessions, 30+ speakers, $1000+ in prizes REGISTER HERE:
  2. Why do radio manufacturers recommend using lower output power for high MCS rates? The culprit is the output amplifier non-linearity. Check out this short video for more detailed explanation!
  3. until
    RF elements will join the Italian WISP Solutions Day! REGISTER HERE: L’evento, interamente dedicato al mondo WISP, sarà l’occasione per conoscere le migliori soluzioni wireless, Wi-Fi e LoRa Durante la manifestazione alcuni dei principali vendor del settore illustreranno i loro prodotti e come essi possano creare delle soluzioni vincenti, anche nell’ambito dell’IoT. L'evento si terrà on-line dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 12.30. Agenda: 10:00 - 10.10 Benvenuto da Allnet.Italia 10:10 - 10.30 Ceragon - “Servizi a valore dedicati ai WISP: NOC e analisi predittiva per la gestione ottimizzata del backhauling” - Daniele Fossati 10:30 - 10:50 Mimosa - "Meet the Mimosa A5x, the Easiest Way build Point To Multi Point Wireless networks" Andrew Westerman 10:50 - 11.10 RF elements - "Gestione del rumore: Beam efficiency" - Riccardo Gervasi 11.10 - 11:30 AVM 11:50 - 12:10 802.wire 12:10 - 12.30 MultiTech - "La radio LoRa, la rete LoRaWAN e le verticali realizzabili grazie a questa tecnologia" - Karin Marchiori La partecipazione è gratuita ma riservata solo agli iscritti.
  4. READ BEFORE POSTING: 1. COVERAGE CALCULATION ACCURACY is limited by the quality of the map data used. Link Calculator 2.0 BETA uses FREE map data (SRTM) that are LESS ACCURATE around WATER BODIES, like rivers and lakes. Please keep that in mind while using the calculator, it's a freeware tool to provide you a ROUGH idea about the coverage. For more precision, you have to use a paid service such as Tower Coverage or similar. 2. MISSING CPEs - some of the major radio manufacturers, like Ubiquiti is not interested to cooperate with us. Thus we could not add most of their CPEs into the drop down menu. For these cases, please select the Generic 802.11ac or Generic 802.11n radio.
  5. You can now download the STL data (attached to this post) for 3D print of the bracket for ePMP 2000. It allows you to mount the radio to our Sector Carrier Class antenna.
  6. We have tried to contact them about the data as well through various channels, or personal connections our people have with UBNT, but no success.
  7. Hi Andrea, we need the SNR requirements for EVERY channel width and MCS rate the radio supports. We did not find this data on UBNT webpage, nor in the datasheets of their CPEs.
  8. Hello, see the screenshot for the correct calculator setup for the link you talk about. UltraHorn would get you to MCS 7 at best given the distance. In this case we'd recommend UltraDish 550 for both sides of the link. In this case you can go up to MCS 9.
  9. Hello, unfortunately Ubiquiti does not cooperate with us, so we were not able to get the data needed to add the Powerbeam and other UBNT CPEs to our calculator. For these cases we recommend selecting generic 802.11ac option from the CPE dropdown menu.
  10. Hey Joe, I understand, the cast signs can be confusing. Thank you for the feedback, we are always looking for ways to make our products easier to use. I will forward your suggestions to our development team.
  11. Tom

    EPMP 3k

    It is not. The Twin Horn Bracket is only usable with Symmetrical horns, both TwistPort and Carrier Class version. You can still use ePMP 3000 with Asymmetrical Horns as well, if you attach them near each other (just the aiming will not be as simple compared to using the Twin Horn Bracket).
  12. Thank you for sharing, nice pictures!
  13. Hello Joe, thank you, we are happy our antennas work well for you! The cast lettering on the antenna tells you about the antenna orientation, not how it relates to the mast (you can look at the antenna from the front or back, which would make the difference). So the "BRACKET 30° R" means that it is the right side of the antenna when holding the antenna with the TwistPort waveguide facing you. To fix the antenna orientation, you have to flip the bracket parts - follow the manual Step 10 - 13.
  14. Missed our WISPAmerica 2020 Animal Farm presentation? Watch the recording now and learn about the most important antenna parameter for WISP networks. #BeamEfficiency #WeHaveHorns #RFelements