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  1. Hi guys, I know this is probably too early, but I wondered if there are plans to create a twistport for the ePMP3000 when it's released? I'm currently deploying ePMP 1K and 2K and am considering using horns, but I don't want to put up a bunch of horns if I will have issues upgrading the AP in 6 months. As the 3K is 4x4 perhaps a connectorised twistport is the answer? Thanks, Richard
  2. Hi, Due to limited stock in my area, I'm looking to buy a TP-ADAP-R5AC-PRISM adapater from a non-specialist supplier (who happens to have 1 in stock). Given the supplier, I suspect their stock is old and their website doesn't list GEN2 on the compatible models (only the Rocket 5ac Prism). Can I safely assume that a "TP-ADAP-R5AC-PRISM" adapter will fit the GEN2 radios even if it's old stock? Rich
  3. Hi, I'm wondering what is the correct twistport adapter for the Rocket M5-AC PTP Lite? I just bought the adapter for 5AC-PTP but it doesn't fit My radio model is RM5-AC-PTP-Lite. Thanks, Richard