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  1. A large Hail Storm, we hurt many Horns, the front panel, can replace it? or what kind of material can we use? our distributor has already confirmed that it does not have spare parts. Thanks ind advance.
  2. Good morning, we bought 10 sectors of 60º for Rocket M5, we are going to install it in a tower of 24Mts, they will be installed between 20 and 24mts. The query is how many degrees of Downtilt we would have to give them to cover clients at a maximum of 3.2KM and minimum 300Mts. According to the datasheet we can use any frequency between 5.1 and 6.1 and the gain is maintained in the +/- 13dBi, which I recommend? From now, thank you for you help! Spanish: Buenos Dias, compramos 10 sectores de 60º para Rocket M5, lo vamos a instalar en una torre de 24Mts, van a esta
  3. Yestarday, iam install six SH-TP 5-30, i have problem in 2, have 1 chain whit poor signal, exist some way to disarm the thistport and check if pigtail ok? any help?
  4. Estimado Jorge Despues de estar con usted en la presentacion de los productos en BsAs, queremos continuar implementando sus productos. Por lo que le dejo una consulta, ya que necesitamnos cubrir una zona como la que le dejo en la Imagen, que antenas me recomienda, (tenemos radios Rocket M5) Distancia Maxima 2,5KM