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  1. Does any of the TP Adapters work with ePMPTM Force 400c?
  2. Hi, How we could get access to this tool?
  3. This is a step back, need to open hole TPA to remove RJ45 Connector
  4. This i get from another dealer today: As we learned today, RF Elements has taken the TwistPort adapter out of the assortment. Does we see a new one?
  5. Hi, why TP-ADAPTOR-RB-S-V2 is not longer available? My Dear told me it is sorted out. mistry7
  6. https://www.rfelements.com/assets/Uploads/2017-10-26-UltraDish-TP-400.pdf what frequency you want to use? Above 6 GHz?
  7. All Distributors who had listed them, removed this Adaptor, Q2 is now 2/3 gone.... please tell us if we can Plan with this Adaptor this Summer?
  8. for real? I do not see any availability, well we do not rely on it anymore!