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  1. It is now July 2017, when is the UH-TP-5-21 and UH-TP-5-24 going to be ready to purchase?
  2. Since UltraHorns are not available, can regular horns be used to perform a point to point?
  3. Can the horns be used for 3GHz or is strictly 5GHz?
  4. I'm in Canada, where can I buy this? I checked the only distributor in our country and there is no such thing as UltraHorn.
  5. We currently use a Ubiquiti RocketDish 5AC31 with Rocket5AC What Ultrahorn will be able achieve or beat these readings?
  6. @JT We currently have Ubiquiti Rocket 5AC-Lite on a Ubiquiti 5AC 120 degree antenna (19dBi) Distance range from 5km - 18km See image of the of the signal strength, I'm afraid if I place a 90 degree horn with 10dBi I'll lose those clients. The clients connecting to the sector are using airMAX AC 25 dBi and 27 dBi parabolic dishes. Let me know your thoughts and recommendations.