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  1. Well, I will make a flat cover on my own, exactly as I need for my project, I do not expect RF elements to manufacture or design it for me. The only information I need is if the rounded form makes any difference for the antenna performance, which I have actually not expected. Protecting from the weather and birds would also been done by any shape. So if the shape is rounded for optimal RF performance, then how is RF influenced by it, when the cover is dielectric?
  2. I cannot go much into details, but the antenna needs a more stable cover, which will sustain some pressure, and the best when it is flat. Is there anything speaking against?
  3. Hi! I have an unconventional usage of your Antenna in my project and have to take care of my own housing. One part I have to exchange to meet my requirements is the cover on the opening of the antenna, like marked in the attached picture. Could you please let me know, if there is any reason you have made this cover rounded instead of flat? In my eyes technically it does not make any difference, but maybe I miss something?