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  1. This may be a silly question but I'm wondering what difference (if any) there is between 1 dBm antenna gain and 1 dBm Tx power gain. The reason I ask is we're trying to mitigate noise from competitors and ourselves as best we can. RF Elements horns are probably the best way to do that but, in order to balance costs and weight on the tower with performance, we're trying to decide between fifteen flipped 30° asymmetrical or twelve 30° symmetrical or six 60° asymmetrical or four 90° asymmetrical antennas. There are pros and cos to all of these, obviously, (higher gain antennas can receive a signal better) but for the downlink we're thinking we can mitigate the decrease in antenna gain by cranking up the Tx power of the radio. In this case - is it a 1 for 1 trade?