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  1. Ah, well, in that case....shame on them. 😆 Truly, I understand the competitive case. When it doesn't work, the loser is the customer (Frenetic) and the end user (Frenetic's subscribers). Hopefully both companies will benefit from some collaboration. Meanwhile...I'll keep asking questions. 😁
  2. Bit naughty, Tom, Not finding the information on a webpage or a datasheet isn't quite the same as another manufacturer not cooperating with RFE. 😆 Hope you can ultimately collaborate. Frenetic deliver to digitally deprived subscribers. It's hard going but rewarding...not in the obvious financial sense. Having quality manufacturers delivering better outcomes together is a win, win, win so far as I am concerned. 👍
  3. Great response!! Given the direction Ubiquiti are taking with UNMS, UCRM, UPG etc, plus the equipment being released, I'm really excited to see Ubiquiti sharing data about antennas. Ubiquiti antennas have served Frenetic well. If another manufacturer produces an antenna that helps sell more Ubiquiti 'active' product....embrace them!!
  4. Thank you for your time and response, Tom. I'll compare the 34dBi slant dishes with the RFE dishes. I have another couple of links that are shorter and would probably suit the Ultrahorn better. Still keen to try.
  5. Silly, really. Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has become a $1T company because they choose to work with others. Steve Ballmer never would, which is why their share price, under his leadership, was the lowest it ever got in the last couple of decades.
  6. Looking good, guys!! I do have a question that I will detail as a use case scenario. I have a 26.5km link. I have Ubiquiti AF5xHD radios at each end. Currently, I plan to deploy Ubiquiti 34dBi dishes. I have the Ubiquiti results from airLink, they look pretty good. How would I find the equivalent results for Ultrahorn 5-24 antennas. I have completed the calculator fields but I'm not confident of the results in my case. I'm keen to explore RF Elements products in more depth, currently all our equipment is Ubiquiti. Frenetic won't be changing the radios but passive equipment that can make a positive difference is definitely on the table. TIA for any feedback. 😀