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  1. Hi Install the twinsport for ePMP2000 and the truth is that the results are very poor, change 2 APs thinking that the problem was the AP and I have the same result. Twinsport : ePMP2000 Customer: Force 190 Distance: 1.1km Signal: -69dbm Any suggestions..... Thank Tower Picture CPE Customer
  2. It is possible to operate the 4 outputs of the ePMP 3000 with 2 Horns 60" ??? You have Picture... Thank
  3. Hello I have several days looking for a distributor in the USA or Colombia who sells me 2 antennas UltraDish 550 and I can not find Stock, they could help me in the commercial park to see which distributor in the USA can sell them to me Thank
  4. CARIBETECH ISP City: Santa Marta Country : Colombia - South America
  5. Hola, quisiera saber si la antena Sector Carrier Class 5 GHz 20dBi 2x2 (H + V), funciona con el Ubiquiti Rocket 5AC Prism Gracias
  6. Pero como saber si en la zona donde uno quiere instalar la antena hay mas Relfexiones de Polarizacion H mas de V ??? Gracias
  7. Hola @sioro Quisiera saber como te a ido con la antena Horn, si te a dado el rendimiento esperado, compre una el mes pasado de 90" con el adaptador Twisport para Ubiquiti 5AC PTMP, y la verdad no he tenido buenos resultados Agradeceria tus comentarios