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  1. Thanks for considering my suggestion. I didn't realize those 2 tools existed! Much appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  2. Last week I deployed 3 RockShields at an existing tower site with Ubnt Rocket M5 radios. I feel the 4 small Phillips screws (for the bottom plate) might be better replaced with a screw providing a better fit (Allen/hex or Torx/star) allowing for less slip. I realize Phillips is common place and customers wouldn't want a screw requiring an "exotic" driver or tool. (Your RFe Symmetrical Horn sectors use Allen hex bolts!) On top of needing to pull the sides of the shield so the screw holes would line up, the screws went in rather hard. I used a Klein 11-in-1 screwdriver with a PH#1 (smallest Phillips driver). I did my best to spin them backward so they dropped in straight and not slightly sideways. I ended up pinning the shield kit to my leg to exert more pressure while running the screw in. Thanks for considering my suggestion (or suggesting an alternate bit or tool). - Mike