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  1. Thanks, Think I should be able to get my guys to dremel those bits out. Will the new ones be marked on the box in some way so my warehouse guys know which ones need to be sent out to be modified and which ones don't?
  2. There isn't an ideal azimuth either but it calculates that. IMHO, the dot should represent the bore-sight direction and should show you AZ and EL required to put that point in the center of the bore-sight
  3. Hi Tom, I think we are talking about different things. If you select multiple CPE, there is a dot which I assume represents or should represent the target of the AP antenna. If you move it, it updates the azimuth but not the elevation. I think you are talking about the single CPE setting which does show you recommended down tilt.
  4. Will the TPA-PAF work with the LTU Rocket? I've heard conflicting things from different sources and have heard that some of them work while others require a 3d printed part.
  5. When you move the center point of a sector, it changes the azimuth but not the elevation. Also, it would be really really helpful if it laid out the 3db and 6db cutoff points on the map instead of showing it as a pie slice. Makes a big difference when your AP is up at say 200' pointing down to clients a max of 1 mile out and your are working on ideal antenna selection. A downloadable KML antenna pattern would be nice too.