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Found 4 results

  1. As you well know these antennas are compatiable with UBNT Rocket M5 and Mikrotik RB Frequencies goes down to 4,9 Ghz and up to 6,1 Ghz on UBNT.And there is Super channel on mikrotik. Do Twistport Antennas support these frequency range?
  2. hi... i have 2 RB-SXT 5 GHz devices from Mikrotik. they have the latest 802.11 ac protocol support unfortunately they outershell has broken due to handling mishap by the courier agency and hence they cannot be treated as IP65 anymore. the boards and radios inside are working perfectly fine. can someone help/guide me on which RF elements products can be used to integrate with those boards so i can deploy the units outdoors for a 15 kms link. thank you for the support in advance.
  3. Achmad Nur Amsyah

    UltraDish Experience

    Hello, my name is Achmad Nur Amsyah, from Indonesia. On May 21, 2016, I've tested a pair of UltraDish antennas with 18-19 Km distance. They are equiped by TwistPort Adapter - RB and RB912UAG-5HPnD (mikrotik). Path profile : Map : Ponorogo site has crowded frequencies with many 5GHz radios in the air. Ngebel site is clear. Preparation : Instalation : Result : I've tried using another antennas ( with 25dBi ) before, but I could not get good result like this. Suppressed sidelobe radiation reduces interferences and enables installation in areas with high noise levels. So far, I'm so satisfied with UltraDish and Twisport. Achmad Nur Amsyah TONER CENTER Network Computama - Indonesia
  4. We are trying to upgrade our Mikrotik SXT SA to SH 5-30. We've installed 912UAG-5HPnD and shielded cases for them. But signal levels on clients are LOWER then on SXT SA for about 5-8 dBm! What are we doing wrong?