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  1. thank you very much 1000mw=30dbm each chain = 30-3=27dbm for each chain (log scaleing ) i will contact with the MFG to ensure that
  2. thank you very much...indeed ,my question is about a scientific wireless concept...lets say the question in a different way ...if we have any accesspoint with any TX POWER value for example 1000mw,600mw,400mw,etc. we connect that accesspoint with any kind of a DUAL CHAIN antenna it true that the tx power of accesspoint will be divided on 2 ( halve of its tx power for chain0 and the another halve for chain1 ) ??? I wil be very thankfull if you help me to find the replay and apologize me if i insist to know it ☺️
  3. with my respect to your replay. what do mean by your saying MFGS .i have no any idea about what do mean ! Anyway thank you
  4. hi every one if we connect any dual chain access point for example RB912 ( 1000mw tx power )+dual chain antenna , is it true that the tx power of the access point divided on 2 , so the result is 500mw for chain0 and 500mw for chain1 that true ? with thanks