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  1. UltraDish Experience

    I don' think so. Ensure, that your path is LOS. You may use simulation before make a link with , or etc. God Luck..
  2. UltraDish Experience

    I sent 2 same pictures on the UltraDish result The first result should be like this : I used 5900 MHz frequency.
  3. UltraDish Experience

    Hello, my name is Achmad Nur Amsyah, from Indonesia. On May 21, 2016, I've tested a pair of UltraDish antennas with 18-19 Km distance. They are equiped by TwistPort Adapter - RB and RB912UAG-5HPnD (mikrotik). Path profile : Map : Ponorogo site has crowded frequencies with many 5GHz radios in the air. Ngebel site is clear. Preparation : Instalation : Result : I've tried using another antennas ( with 25dBi ) before, but I could not get good result like this. Suppressed sidelobe radiation reduces interferences and enables installation in areas with high noise levels. So far, I'm so satisfied with UltraDish and Twisport. Achmad Nur Amsyah TONER CENTER Network Computama - Indonesia
  4. I have some RF Element Carrier Class that located in 3 places. With 17dBi Carier Class I could get wider range and higher throughput than 20dBi competitor with same MIMO access point. So far, I'm satisfied with this product. Next, I'll try Sector CC 5-20 for my new repeater. I've bougt it last week. Achmad Nur Amsyah TONER CENTER Network Computama - Indonesia