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  1. I own an UltraDish TP 550 antenna, which is good for experiments in the field, due to its low weight. It can be easily carried around thanks to the red handle. Also, it has a nice radiation pattern. There also some disadvantages though, like regulation of the elevation angle. Few months ago we tested it at Dylewska Góra. This is a well elevated location in north-eastern Poland with LOS reaching over 50-70 km. The morning inversion provided good tropospheric ducting propagation and we successfully logged lots of distant Wi-Fi networks, also including indoor domestic routers (provided by Orange and UPC) at distances of over 120 and 140 km (!). More photos: https://fmdx.pl/2018/08/early-morning-on-dylewska-gora/ I look forward to seeing bigger dishes from RF Elements in the future.
  2. kkonrad

    Mount Bolt and Nut - Where to Buy

    Same problem here. I installed the antenna on a tripod for testing and was unable to take it down... After putting the bolt and nut it in a vise I finally managed to unscrew them. It took me over 15 minutes and WD40 was somewhat helpful. I fixed the thread inside nut by tapping it again. I'm going to replace the bolts with brass ones, so they won't seize.
  3. Hello, I've just received the latest RouterBoard TwistPort adaptor (TPA-RBC), but I can't fit any RB4xx board together with radio module.The product description says: Now I see that technical data section clarifies that only RB411L are compatible. Well, OK. Let's try to put RB411L (actually RB411GL, but the miniPCI slot is in the same place) together with… - SR71-15 - R52Hn - R52HnD Unfortunately, all of them are oversized. I think that listing the RB4xx boards as compatible with TPA-RBC is inappropriate. Of course, one can use the board, but it is useless without any 2x2 MIMO radio...
  4. kkonrad

    UltraDish questions

    OK, thanks for info. One more question - are there any plans for bigger UltraDishes?
  5. kkonrad

    UltraDish questions

    Thank you Jorge for your ultra-quick reply! Oh, I've been looking for the radiation pattern data some time ago, but it wasn't available yet. Regarding the VSWR plots - this is RF Element's antenna design, so I won't find anything on MikroTik website.
  6. kkonrad

    UltraDish questions

    I'm interested in ULD-TP-550 antenna together with Shielded Adaptor V2 for RouterBoard. I'm looking for: 1. Radiation pattern data in any format (ant, msi or raw csv, txt, etc.). 2. VSWR plots for full frequency range of typical RouterBoard radio (i.e. 4.9 - 6.1 GHz). Thank you in advance for your support.