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  1. Come To The Dark Side , We Have Horns. Air base , Diyarbakır/TURKEY.
  2. Burc

    Grounding through the TP??

    Did u find solution and why it happened in the first place ? @Chad
  3. Its almost been a year since you announced those antennas. Comon guys
  4. Another week.And still no got news guys.Why so late.JESUS
  5. Wow guys its been really long time.Hope it will worth waitting.
  6. Yeah but its been like a year almost.Maybe more.it shouldnt take that long cause ppl may start looking for alternatives @Tasos
  7. Damn its taking too long guys.Hurry up cause ur competitor is coming
  8. Damn it took so long.Couldnt even get one new antenna or adapter on my stock
  9. Burc

    TwistPort Performance

    Yep not to mention they stopped producing titanium Rocket
  10. Tasos please also produce an adapter for titanium rocket.That would be really good.
  11. Hello This is Burc from Wirelesssistem.We have been selling also testing RF Elements products.I wanted to share some info about our test results. For starters design of symmetrical antennas are absolutely perfect,easy mounting and durable gear.We have used 3 adapters routerboard,rocket,and rocket ac. So far Rocket adapters are the best.I also saw a topic who wants adapter for Rocket Titanium.We also made same demand about titanium.Hope they will work and produce it.Actually one of my clients forced to open twistport adapter opened it and put titanium m5.And right now its working perfectly Rocket is used in a %100 noisy enviroment and worked perfectly. i also used rocket ac lite adapter for a project.And antenna performance is great.ROuter board adapters are also working perfectly. I used Rocket twistport adapters again on top of a highrise.Also we had compared it with a sector antenna after mounting.Tested and results were not really good for twistports and symmetrical antennas.I believe sector worked better because its beam pattern.Symmetrical anntennas beam patterns are unique thats for sure.But didnt work great on top of a high building. Some buildings were shorter some were a lot higher from our AP.That would be the case.I watched webinar of smymmetrical antenna.When you are picking antennas.You should also consider physics enviroment conditions etc. Hope this will help some ppl who want to buy those products.
  12. As you well know these antennas are compatiable with UBNT Rocket M5 and Mikrotik RB Frequencies goes down to 4,9 Ghz and up to 6,1 Ghz on UBNT.And there is Super channel on mikrotik. Do Twistport Antennas support these frequency range?