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  1. Srishti Broadband

    about new rf elements

    if u dont mine we are new to wireless technolgy can u help me which cpe's are best and which client side cpe's are best
  2. Srishti Broadband

    about new rf elements

    hi sir , this is rishti broadband, we are ready to buy new rf elements symmetrical type horn antennas . i am just confused among those models 30,40,60,70,80,90 degrees symmetrical horn antennas available right now , when sector degrees increasing cost reduced yet right now i dont know the reason. each antenna how many clients supports each antenna bandwidth range means 300 mbps or more than 300 mbps right now we are using rf elements base station sector antenna 120 degrees it supports 300 mbps and 75 clients in my clients some are more than 7 km range we are using microtik basebox 5 as cpe we are using client side microtik sxt lite 5 receiver among 30,60,40,50.70,80,90 degrees symmetrical type horn antenna which one is best for me when new rf elements available in india .
  3. can i known the difference between Ultra horn tp antennas ,ultra dish tp antennas and Symmentrical horn tp antennas and symmetrical horn carrier class antennas i m just confused which one is best for me , we are using rf element base station sector antennas and for client boxes we are using microtik sxt lite 5. and one thin known about twist port adapaters for microtik RB912UAG-5HPnD-out is available can u suggist me which one is best for me and we have 300 clients on wireless and we have 3 branches in india and attached fies are now what we are using and my tower images. and my tower is build on 2 floor building and from that place my tower is 60feet height
  4. hi sir This is Srishti Broadband, we are one of the wireless internet Service Providers in India. now we are using rf element base station sector antenna with microtik basebox 5. now we heard about the UltraHornTM TP 5-24 and 90° Sector SH-TP 5-90 and can i know abot the details. 1. Ultra HornTM TP 5-24 and 90° Sector SH-TP 5-90, how much distance signals are through. 2.we are providing point to point link ,UltraHornTM TP 5-24 and 90° Sector SH-TP 5-90 among those which one is best. 3.when twist port adapter released for microtik routerboard basebox 5 4 UltraHornTM TP 5-24, it is 120 degree or 90 degree or 60 degree antenna