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  1. twistport for airFiber 5x

    Do you have any Timeline
  2. twistport for airFiber 5x

    avaible? works with AF-5xHD?
  3. twistport for airFiber 5x

  4. for real? I do not see any availability, well we do not rely on it anymore!
  5. We did Not have any schedule Stress, all links are done, our preorder is cancelded, we dont Need new Antennas until the next 6 Month
  6. Wait for the next wispalooza, UBNT has faster make a copy of your Products then you relase the origin one....
  7. New Product Wishes

    M11G is available now
  8. @ncsnetwork hopefully before winter......
  9. @Fero_RFE Then I've us please one answer, this year or not this year?
  10. New Product Wishes

    An then RF Elects want to begin investigation if there is a market? To Late, someone else will sell it 3x3 is nothing for Long Distance links, but at small ones, why not use 3x3 instead of 20mhz Spectrum?
  11. @JT I know, in this new connected world communication is all about..... Just give us informations when you know something...
  12. New Product Wishes

    This would be nice on TP400 and TP550 and also on TP5-21 and TP5-24 here we could use this because it is easy to choose the needed device for both ends. And with the new Board M11 https://mum.mikrotik.com/presentations/EU17/2017-eu.pdf It is easy to build such device. With Ultrahorn i think this can performe really nice....
  13. New Product Wishes

    These Thinks i am Missing: - Twist Port Adapter for Mikrotik with Triple Chain - Twist Port Adaptor for AF5x with Slant / 45° Pol. mistry7