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  1. An then RF Elects want to begin investigation if there is a market? To Late, someone else will sell it 3x3 is nothing for Long Distance links, but at small ones, why not use 3x3 instead of 20mhz Spectrum?
  2. @JT I know, in this new connected world communication is all about..... Just give us informations when you know something...
  3. This would be nice on TP400 and TP550 and also on TP5-21 and TP5-24 here we could use this because it is easy to choose the needed device for both ends. And with the new Board M11 https://mum.mikrotik.com/presentations/EU17/2017-eu.pdf It is easy to build such device. With Ultrahorn i think this can performe really nice....
  4. These Thinks i am Missing: - Twist Port Adapter for Mikrotik with Triple Chain - Twist Port Adaptor for AF5x with Slant / 45° Pol. mistry7
  5. @JT This is not the problem, the problem is how to communicate it. It is the same with Mikrotik, they say available at, and then nothing, silence. Watt about: Hey Guys, sorry for that but the Products will be available 4 weeks later. This it. mistyr7
  6. @Tasos Is about 4-5 weeks true for Ultradish or will it be Q3? Distributor mails Today is twill be Jul / Aug.
  7. Sorry, thats too late, i need The Antennas in The next two weeks
  8. Hi Mike, this is not a Date or Time range...
  9. And News for availability of These Antennas