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  1. Ok, So not a Rocket5AC-Prism? It's the Rock5AC-Lite, -ptp or -ptmp. (ubnt blundered the Prism name in reguards to the tech and what it's it and how. They should have said Half Prism and Full Prism.) If you really plan to replace 90's with three 30's you need to be looking at the v2 or v1 R5AC-Prism with GPS sync. I'm in a very noisy area and I have had the same issue with the horns. So like I said, aim it up higher or down a lot more. Remember that the 90 deg. sectors have higher gain and a 6 deg. vertical beamwidth.
  2. Its seeing a lot more with that 30° vertical beam width. Maybe move it up a few degrees.
  4. Can you explain the gain of the 30 degree horn at the 3dbi and 6dbi sides? I have 3 of the 30 degree horns and I'm wondering if I should go to the 40 degree when doing 360 degree coverage. I guess what I want to know, are we getting 18dbi at the edge of the 20deg mark or 15dbi? and would the 30 degree edge only be 12dbi? If this is true then what is the 5 and 10 degree points? Is the 18dbi in the center at only 4 degrees?
  5. Take the cover off the front and the radio off the back. You can look through the port to gauge the target zone. You can proof in google earth when planning the site. Twist port alignment scope/tool. The tool could be your cell phone camera in a twist port that holds the phones camera in the right place (or a GoPro). And an app for PC or other device that allows you to look at the target coverage area in google earth to make a target picture. Then when you are on the tower with the twist port alignment tool it will show you the google earth picture as an overlay or simple cross hair or ring. The app could have a selection to choose the horn you are using. Or maybe a simple tube with an eyepiece, it could slide in and out to the correct field of view to match the horn. I think a clip on spotting scope would be easier to manage on the tower. Maybe clipping to the back/smallest ring where the set screws are. Or even something that clips to the front. Just my thoughts, Sorry for rambling.
  6. jober

    Symmetrical Horn Upside Down?

    Shouldn't those horns locations be switched? They seem to be pointing into each others stream. And I think we all learned by watching Ghostbusters, "Don't cross the streams".
  7. jober

    60 deg horn broken ring

    jonwamg, Were you able to get a replacement ring? If replacement parts are not available we all need to factor that into our decision when buying these. (As with any product)