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  1. Chad, thanks for coming back with above info if you will find out the cause or resolution, please put it here
  2. We are sorting this on PM and as soon as we resolve it, we will post a solution.
  3. Chad, which model of the switch are you using? Also, please tell me if input voltage at switch is -48VDC (negative 48VDC)? Thanks, Jan.
  4. Dear Arcee, pls check the image that we have from one of our's customer. One antenna is brand new and another have been at Albanian seaside heavy weather conditions for more than 8 months. There was no sign of corrosion on hardware as well. Jan
  5. Dear Frank, our partner CDR in Poland have final pieces of TP380 on stock: http://cdr.pl/p5002,ultradish-tp-380.html I can help you with getting in touch with them, just write a PM to me. Thank You, Jan.
  6. Guest Steve, please do a RMA procedure at your local distributor/reseller and send me a PM with your company details, photos of the damage, and distributor details where you have made a purchase, so we would speed up the process. Thanks, Jan.
  7. Hello, we have checked the serial numbers, but at the time of production of this products, we haven't been tracking product details. This S/N was used for Q.C. process, so we can say, that it have Q.C. passed and it is genuine RF elements product, but we can't confirm the exact model. We are sorry about the inconvenience caused.
  8. Guest Randy Cosby, all available .ant files you can find here: http://www.rfelements.com/support/downloads/
  9. Hi, few months ago, we have starting deliveries of StationBox XL with pigtails included in package, and on another hand, sales of the product have jumped over all our forecasts! We are working hard to restock all our distributors, but as i say, demand for our products is few times higher than before (market knows what is the best ), so we are suffering from growth pains, but we will be back in shape somewhere in January.