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  1. @aardvarkglory Thanks for the post. I will be happy to work with you on this. The biggest issue I see is getting signal into some of the valleys. You cant transmit through hills Distance is not an issue here. The longest link seems to be around 5 miles and 30deg Horns will do that easily. Even the 40, 50, 60deg Horns are spec'd at 5-6 miles. What we may need to play with a bit is the down tilt of the Horns. You should not need much as you are only about 1500 ft above most of the customers that I can see. Probably something like 3-4deg. I will send you a PM with my email so we can talk in more detail.
  2. @Stephen_J- PRISM adapters shipped last week to all US distributors. They should have stock this week. Microcom, Streakwave and ISP supplies have them..
  3. @wirelessrudy We understand your point of view. It's something we have considered and may be considered again in the future. For now, we have the Carrier Class Horns if the radio you want to migrate to is not supported by a TP adapter. I dont think your old TP adapter is a waste after that as you can re-deploy it elsewhere in your network...
  4. @dlaw, WOW, that looks AMAZING!!! With 12 AP's on a tower you must be reusing channels, Right? Please let us know and thanks for sharing...
  5. @dlaw, Thanks for posting and sorry for the problems. When building out new towers with horns it can be slightly challenging because of the sharp drop off on beam angle. What I would suggest is using 40deg horns or maybe 2x 30deg and 1x 40deg for your 90deg coverage area. 40deg horns only have about 2db less gain then the 30's so you will not notice a difference in your links. The extra 10deg of coverage would allow you to overlap a bit and close any dead zones between Horns. We are looking into ways to perhaps mark and angle or have a add on tool that will help visualize the coverage area. Please let us know if you try the 40's and how they work. We would love to see pictures of your install and if you could share your CPE type and distances of links with signal, that would be great!
  6. Step, They are planned for release late Q1 in 2017. Maybe late March 2017.
  7. Brandon, Thanks for sharing that info. Based on the height you have the APs and the distance you want to cover I suggest zero down tilt with the 90deg horns. You should be just fine. As for the UltraHorn and AirFiber5X adapters, they are not available yet. Just just announced the product. AirFiber5X adapters are due at the end of this year or early next year. The UltraHorn is due the end of Q1 2017 so probably late March at the earliest. We will keep everyone posted on our social media platforms like Twitter and FaceBook as well as this forum. Thanks again for posting your questions and we look forward to your results!
  8. Jon, I know that Streakwave is receiving a shipment this week. I will check with them. https://www.streakwave.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=TP-ADAP-R5AC-PR&eq=&Tp=&o1=0
  9. Jim, What are your expectations for a client antenna? What beam width would you need and how far are the distances you are planning for this campus deployment?
  10. @step The 30deg Horn is an 18.5db max antenna, so I would suggest the 19db antenna they have listed.
  11. Chad, Thanks for sharing your success with our Horns! I'm glad you found the performance of the V2 adapter in the lower band to your liking! We will look into doing something for the GPS antenna if possible.
  12. Swang, We have a bigger batch arriving in the US soon by AirFreight. Should be here late next week. When they do arrive in Texas we will send them our right away to our Distributors so you should pre-order them if you haven't already. The first batch was small and we will now have much more stock in the channel, so order away and enjoy
  13. Mike, Thanks for sharing your feedback. We love to see suggestions from the field that can help better our products! We will consider this and see what can be done to improve the ability of assembling the Rock Shield. On the Horns, Did you know we offer 2 tools to help with deploying them? We have a special short Allen Hex Key and also a custom Ratchet. Both of these are available in stock at our Distributors and make installing our Horns super simple. See here: http://www.rfelements.com/products/antennas/reversible-ratchet-wrench/reversible-ratchet-wrench/ http://www.rfelements.com/products/antennas/hex-key-5x16x200mm/hex-key-5x16x200mm/
  14. LOL. No worries. Please post your results here. We want to hear about it and are ready to help if you have any questions!
  15. Swang, I checked the tracking and it shows its in SLC and not delivered yet. They are not hiding it, it has not arrived yet to them. I would check back with them on Monday...