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  1. 3db Horizontal Beamwidth

    @John Rayfield- It would be great if you could ask them to do so
  2. 3db Horizontal Beamwidth

    @John Rayfield- The horizontal beam is exactly the same as the Vertical beam, so the 30deg horn has a 21* V and H beam at -3. The 40 has a 27* V and H beam at -3. The 50 has a 33* V and H beam at -3. You can find all these in our spec sheets. See here:https://www.rfelements.com/products/wireless-broadband/symmetrical-horn-antennas/symmetrical-horn-tp-antenna/ Go to the bottom of the page.
  3. 5GHz Backbone

    @viya0414- Currently our PtP backbone product line is not on the market. It just started shipping to distributors. I'm sure once customers use them we will have information to share.
  4. @mistry7- The delay is frustrating for everyone involved. I assure you. The quality of our products vs others should speak for itself and proof why taking your time to do it right first is more important.
  5. @MimCom- Please let me know where you see the AF-5X adapter as order-able. They are not available yet so its probably a mistake at some distributors site and we would like to correct that.
  6. Got issues with 30deg sector

    @sherwoodj28- I would be happy to help. Please send me a PM and we can exchange contact info or you can email me tasos@rfelements.com
  7. 90 Degree Horn Ubiquiti Antenna Choice

    @ukzerosniper- Can you please explain better what you are trying to do? The 90deg Horn is typically an access point sector to use with the rocket. From what you wrote it seems like you would like to use it for CPE?
  8. @Darcy- We will need more information about your set up to help. As JT mentioned, its not always the best approach to automatically use the same settings. A spectrum scan should be used to identify the best channel to use as things are very different now then before with a traditional sector. With that said, can you provide a bit more information on your equipment. You mentioned you are using a 30deg Horn with shielded adapter for RocketAC PRISM. We don't offer a shielded adapter for the PRISM radio so I want to verify what you have. Do you have the box the adapter came in so I can verify the part number. If you are using a RocketAC-LITE or RocketAC-PTP radio then it may be possible you are running and older V1 TP adapter. That could be an issue. Also what channel are you using? Any screen shots of link data GPS coords, or install pics would be great.
  9. antenna settings

    @RFelbor- Thanks for the post. You should choose an antenna from the list that matches the gain of the Horn as close as possible. For the 60deg I would choose the 13db antenna in that list.
  10. @mistry7- It will be this year. Sorry for the long wait.
  11. Optimum Path

    @sherwoodj28- Can you tell us the how high the AP is on the tower with GPS coords as well as the CPE side? Down tilt will depend on the distance from the tower as well so we need a little more info.
  12. 5GHz Backbone

    @Azlan Abass- Currently we don't have our new PtP 5gig back-haul antennas on the market so we don't have any use cases for it to share at the moment.
  13. 60 Deg Symmetrical TP Horn

    @Brandon Lege- Distance of Horns are based on many variables. No antenna has a fixed distance assigned to it. Noise, CPE used and acceptable modulation rate are just a few things to consider when answering your question. If you used a NB25 type CPE you can do 4Km to a 90deg Horn if you stayed in the -3db beam and maintain low to mid -60s for signal. If you tried your NB16 at 4Km you would be in the -70s. That same NB16 to a 60deg Horn will see something in the mid -60s. If you use the correct CPE for your particular Horn both 60s and 90s will work and in most cases achieve full good mod rates.
  14. 60 Deg Symmetrical TP Horn

    @Brandon Lege- Based on the distances and CPEs you will use you don't need much down-tilt at all with a 60deg Horn for everyone to get great signals as long as its LOS. If you want to use down-tilt to limit exposure at the horizon I would suggest about 10deg to start but no more then 15deg to ensure your customers at 5km stay in the low -60s. With all that said, please consider these Horns are about 8-9db less gain overall then traditional sectors so by default you are limiting your horizon TX and RX capabilities. The math says 10-15deg down-tilt max, but I feel 5deg is all you need.
  15. 60 Deg Symmetrical TP Horn

    @Brandon Lege- What CPEs are you using and what AP radio?