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  1. Tasos

    Link Calculator - Feedback

    @Mike Simmons- This is a great idea. We will look into it. How do you like the calculator as it is? Do you find it to be accurate and deliver good information?
  2. Tasos

    UItrahorn PTMP?

    @Tommaso People have started posting results on Facebook and they are good. You can see some here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/188098974946678/permalink/423847944705112/ And here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wisppics/permalink/1913650725335562/ They work perfect just like our smaller Symmetrical Horns. Just more gain and more narrow beam. You need to try it
  3. Tasos

    Wind Load

    @Arx Web- Sorry for the delay. We are working on adding the new wind load info to our spec sheets. Here is the load info for our 30* Horn: 34N at 160km/h 50N at 200km/h
  4. Tasos

    Wind Load

    @Arx Web- I don't have that answer for you right now. I will ask internally and get back to you. Probably have an answer Monday.
  5. @Arx Web- No worries.
  6. @Arx Web- Thanks for the post and great question. Most people have done frequency reuse with 30deg Horns, but 40's are perfectly fine. Especially with GPS on Gen2 Rockets. You don't have to be 180deg out like most people want you to think. 180* out is the rule of thumb with Traditional sectors because of their terrible side lobes and as you know Horns are not your regular sector. You can do ABAB channel reuse with 30* Horns w/o issues. Your ABC ABC set up on 40* Horns will work just fine. We look forward to your feedback and reach out if you have other questions. One thing I would add is to communicate with other users because having the correct GPS settings and FW on your radio is very important. I cant really help you with that, but there are many WISPs that can on FaceBook or Radio Forums.
  7. Tasos

    UItrahorn PTMP?

    @Sam- It usually takes 4-5week for containers to arrive. Its best to ask your favorite distributor when it will arrive to get a better ETA. As for the 21db version, its on the road map but no ETA on availability yet.
  8. Looking forward to having you join us as well!
  9. Tasos

    UItrahorn PTMP?

    @Sam- Thanks for the post and great question! The UltraHorn will work like our other Horns as VERY NARROW PtMP sectors or for regular 1to1 PtP links. We don't have any feedback from users as they have not arrived at Distributors yet, but be sure they will work just like the 30deg Horn but with more gain and narrower beam.
  10. Tasos


    @Oce- Thanks for posting the screen shots and let us know your results with the CPE change. You may have noise coming into CPE1 but its hard to tell. What we can see is that CPE1 TX is very bad since your TX MSC is very low. Only 4x...
  11. Tasos

    ePMP 3000 twistport adapter

    @richinuk- Thanks for your post and feedback. As for ePMP3K, its to early to tell. We have not even seen a radio yet and we will have to see how the radio will actually work before we can think about a TP adapter for it. Anything is possible, but with MUMIMO, you never know what the radio expects in an antenna to work properly. Follow us on FB for updates if you dont already and we will keep you posted.. Thanks!!
  12. Tasos


    @Oce- Thanks for the post and and sorry for the issue you are seeing. Its hard to tell for sure what the issue is for CPE1 from here, but can you share some CPE screen shots of signal page? Just want to see if you are aligned correctly, noise floor, and connection quality. Maybe you have a LOS issue? At 3.3Km with the settings you have on that Horn you should be getting around a -58ish With that said, the quality of that connection will not be very good for AC gear because you have the TX power way to high! 27db TX is not suggested for 802.11AC gear to work correctly (18-22db TX is suggested for max). Please share the info requested and we can look from there. To answer your other question about the setup for 10Km coverage, you will need more narrow Horns. Maybe 30 or 40deg horns or try our older Carrier Class Sectors for that distance. All depends on customer density required...
  13. Tasos

    3db Horizontal Beamwidth

    @John Rayfield- It would be great if you could ask them to do so
  14. Tasos

    3db Horizontal Beamwidth

    @John Rayfield- The horizontal beam is exactly the same as the Vertical beam, so the 30deg horn has a 21* V and H beam at -3. The 40 has a 27* V and H beam at -3. The 50 has a 33* V and H beam at -3. You can find all these in our spec sheets. See here:https://www.rfelements.com/products/wireless-broadband/symmetrical-horn-antennas/symmetrical-horn-tp-antenna/ Go to the bottom of the page.