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  1. LTE Antenna's

    This category of antennas is not in our business scope, unless we can use synergies from our current business, which is not the case here. Just FYI - If you are thinking about 700-2100MHz directional antenna with significant gain and 2x2 H+V/dual slant, something comparable to what we have in 5GHz, it would be quite bulky (=not cheap) and most certainly not a panel antenna. Plus I can imagine, that LTE network operators will not be super happy to see high density of these fixed wireless clients around their access points.
  2. M5 sa vie dozit vysokeho veku, niekedy sa roky stravene v outdoore podpisu na plastoch (RockShield vie predlzit zivotnost vyrazne). Kazdopadne aj toto je moznost - treba byt vynaliezavy a v tomto Stredna Europa nikdy nesklame Petre - vdaka za share a nech sluzi
  3. LTE Antenna's

    Kev - what frequencies are we talking about?
  4. Unless Distributors will use air cargo, which I do not expect due to product size/shipping cost, you will not be able to use it in December.
  5. Yes, they were shipped accordingly. Whatever the purpose of your visits on our forum is, please make sure to not offend Denmark.
  6. We plan to ship first units to our Distributors in December.
  7. Based on how it looks on the pictures it should, but we can 100% confirm only after we can verify on commercially available units.
  8. (primary) Fresnel zone radius is a function of link distance and frequency. It means that changing the antenna on the same link makes no influence. You should keep the Fresnel zone clear of obstructions link Q: why you can not see 5m / 15f fresnel zone on the graph where x axis is 1700m and axis is 1000m ..? A: graph scale
  9. StationBox® ALU holes

    Glad to help. + Feel free to post pictures of your installation once done, I am sure other users will appreciate it.
  10. StationBox® ALU holes

    we use cable gland MG20. You can replace it with higher grade product for your application, or with waterproof connector plugs etc. there must be plenty of options to plug the N connector holes, you need to search for IP67 waterproof N hole plug. Random example from google: http://www.neobits.com/isp_supplies_en_hp_starnet_en_hp_p10186318.html
  11. Yes, TP-A for ISO/PrismStation will be available this year. Since we were delayed by our supply chain, we used the time to apply all improvements and optimizations. So the 24dBi ULH is now significantly smaller in volume than the version we introduced last year.
  12. TwistPort for EPMP 2000

    TP-A for ePMP2000 will start shipping this month to Distributors.
  13. 1) we will have carrier class model (with N connector). Time wise - right after TwistPort version available (TP is higher priority). There will be TP adaptor for AF5X radio coming out at about the same time. 2) we will update the data on our website and post the link here next week.
  14. First units will be shipped to our distributors next week.
  15. IsoStation

    Ano, s novym TP adapterom pre Iso/PrismStation je mozne pripojit tieto radia k akejkolvek TwistPort antene. Z tych informacii, ktore su nam dostupne k dnesnemu dnu, to bude mozne aj s novymi LTU radiami ktore maju rovnaky vlnovodovy konektor ako Iso/PrismStation. 100% to budeme vediet potvrdit, az ked budu tieto radia komercne dostupne.