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  1. As regards new TwistPort Adaptors, we will look into it. We consider any radio with reasonable market footprint. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness." It makes a lot more sense when you consider complete & original idea of Oscar Wilde.. The same works for our products - they make a lot more sense as set of products AND method of use, vs picking just this antenna or that antenna.
  2. Cool office view there must be a serious difference in altitude. Overall, I assume these customers see better service now.
  3. As usually, we will put pdf files in Download section on our website. If you have Qs or need more info about mounting, please follow up in this thread.
  4. For spacing in cluster deployments, below are the dims for SH-TP antennas + TP-A + Rocket 5AC Prism (both Gen I and II are identical size)
  5. Quite a few questions about dimensions of Horn antennas in last couple of days. Many are designing custom brackets for cluster deployments. Let´s make it a separate topic here. Below you can see three examples of pole diameter vs horn bracket clamps, for your better understanding / imagination. edit: please note, there are two sets of screws in package with every antenna - longer and shorter - so you can better adjust to actual pole diameter.
  6. New Product Wishes

    Do not take me wrong - we do have opinions, ideas, concepts. But unveiling product plans equals to making a commitment. We do not want to make commitment before the new board is available and we know what it is. It would be irresponsible and well... just stupid.
  7. Ako prve sme overili situaciu so vzorkami ktore mame k dispozicii a samozrejme na nasom stole vsetko fungovalo ako ma. Na zaklade porovnania fotografii od zakaznika z ISP fora (komunikovali sme s nim priamo emailom) s nasimi vzorkami RB922 sme zistili, ze dnes uz existuju prinajmensom dve rozne verzie RB922 s roznymi chladicmi. Preco to tak je, na to nedokazeme odpovedat - jediny, kto by to mohol objasnit, je MikroTik. Kazdopadne pokial chladic na RB neprekryva otvor pre skrutku - co evidentne neprekryva - priskrutkovat to ide. Ze nebude pcb dosadat na plosky kvoli hrane chladica - komu to prekaza, tak docasne bohuzial len DIY. Ale pripadne milimetrove vyosenie routerboardu nebude mat na funkciu vplyv. Upravu formy samozrejme zvazime, ale musime nejakym sposobom preskumat, kolko roznych verzii RB922 vlastne existuje. Bohuzial na pristupe MikroTiku k vyrobcom prislusenstva (ziadny specialny support, ani informacie o zmenach v dizajne boardov) nevieme my sami zmenit vobec nic. Naozaj nas netesi, ze sa o zmenach dozvedame az po upozorneni od zakaznikov ze nieco nie je OK, ale nevieme zamedzit vzniku takychto situacii.
  8. UltraHorn

    Bohuzial dodavky novych produktov su v omeskani kvoli vypadku jedneho zo subdodavatelov. Momentalne nemame ziadny konkretny termin. Termin dostupnosti oznamime hned ako bude k dispozicii.
  9. New Product Wishes

    I think it is too early to plan the products around the board that does not exist at the moment MikroTik said that M11 will be available at the end of 2017 - once it is available, we will evaluate possibilities for new products, of course. And regards 3x3 PtP.. I am not sure I want to go into this discussion
  10. We received only few requirements to upgrade this product, which most users who buy regularly solve themselves with according to they preferences anyway. As an alternative, we could put few more cable options into the box, but that would shift the price tag further up and create more unused plastic thrash afterwards. There is no single product that makes everyone happy. If you don´t mind sharing the final solution with pictures here, maybe it will drive more feedback from other customers using the XL CC so we can understand their needs better.
  11. mistry - of course it works in the perfect world and in the situation when you have the date you can rely on.
  12. New Product Wishes

    - how would you like to use the third chain?
  13. In terms of cables and pigtails, every customer has its own preference. You can replace the connector if it does not fit what you need. We know that some of our customers replace the connector to fit more bulky / more environment resistant cable solution: for example with this one from Laird - it takes bulky cables and connectors, it is shielded and fits the XL CC well: https://www.streakwave.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=RJ45-ECS-6-NR&eq=&Tp=&o1=0
  14. Advice for SH

    Early version of TP-A for Rocket M5 were tuned in 5400-up. They were soon replaced by version marked "V2" which covers also lower 5 GHz spectrum so they work 5180 MHz -up. Horn Antennas work 5180-up. So if you use first generation of TP-A, it will limit the performance of Sector to 5400 MHz as stated in its specs. Check what part number of TP-A you have. This is the one you need if you want to go below 5400 MHz: https://www.rfelements.com/assets/Uploads/Datasheet-TwisPort-Shielded-Adaptor-V2-for-Rocket-M5.pdf