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  1. Bohuzial dodavky novych produktov su v omeskani kvoli vypadku jedneho zo subdodavatelov. Momentalne nemame ziadny konkretny termin. Termin dostupnosti oznamime hned ako bude k dispozicii.
  2. I think it is too early to plan the products around the board that does not exist at the moment MikroTik said that M11 will be available at the end of 2017 - once it is available, we will evaluate possibilities for new products, of course. And regards 3x3 PtP.. I am not sure I want to go into this discussion
  3. We received only few requirements to upgrade this product, which most users who buy regularly solve themselves with according to they preferences anyway. As an alternative, we could put few more cable options into the box, but that would shift the price tag further up and create more unused plastic thrash afterwards. There is no single product that makes everyone happy. If you don´t mind sharing the final solution with pictures here, maybe it will drive more feedback from other customers using the XL CC so we can understand their needs better.
  4. mistry - of course it works in the perfect world and in the situation when you have the date you can rely on.
  5. - how would you like to use the third chain?
  6. In terms of cables and pigtails, every customer has its own preference. You can replace the connector if it does not fit what you need. We know that some of our customers replace the connector to fit more bulky / more environment resistant cable solution: for example with this one from Laird - it takes bulky cables and connectors, it is shielded and fits the XL CC well: https://www.streakwave.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=RJ45-ECS-6-NR&eq=&Tp=&o1=0
  7. Early version of TP-A for Rocket M5 were tuned in 5400-up. They were soon replaced by version marked "V2" which covers also lower 5 GHz spectrum so they work 5180 MHz -up. Horn Antennas work 5180-up. So if you use first generation of TP-A, it will limit the performance of Sector to 5400 MHz as stated in its specs. Check what part number of TP-A you have. This is the one you need if you want to go below 5400 MHz: https://www.rfelements.com/assets/Uploads/Datasheet-TwisPort-Shielded-Adaptor-V2-for-Rocket-M5.pdf
  8. Burc - the reason for delays are delayed supplies on some parts. Trust me, it is nothing we like to see, but these things happen quite often with new designs and/or new custom part manufacturers. We have high requirements on quality of our products and we do not want to compromise this at any circumstances. We are sorry to see you disappointed. We are doing our best to make UltraDish products available as soon as possible.
  9. Not sure about how ePMP1000 vs ePMP2000 construction / wiring / grounding. ePMP1000s coax ground connects to the tower once twistport is locked. Not sure how it is at ePMP, but example UBNT radios have negative from power connected to coax ground. Assuming it is similar here, than you create loop by connecting the radio to the antenna. So one issue can be that you have two different grounds - one on antenna (= tower itself) and another on the switch (via separate #4 green wired up the tower). By connecting the radio to the antenna, you get two different grounds into loop. Now why it blows the fuse, that is not typical symptom, but the truth is I am not an engineer :). I would also check the grounding, those 48V.. -48V telco could also cause problems in some cases.
  10. Chad - only conductive material touching the radio on antenna side are the connectors - you can see them inside the TP adaptor. What is inside ePMP1000, I can only judge - black box in this case. The Horn is completely conductive (metal). Without knowing more details we can not help here. E.g. what switch are you using and how is it grounded? Or shoot me PM and we can follow up.
  11. high gain omnis are not on our product roadmap
  12. The samples at UBNT booth @ Wisapamerica in Memphis looked mechanically identical with Gen 1.
  13. Tak tak, tazko sa na toto reaguje normalnym sposobom Samozrejme, z trhu sa na nas vali mnozstvo otazok, takze v najblizsich dnoch budeme reagovat aj oficialne.
  14. Now we feel truly honored. Thank You!
  15. ...myslím, že nás zbytočne podceňujete