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  1. JT

    twistport for airFiber 5x

    Update: First units have been shipped this week to Distributors!
  2. JT

    Mount Bolt and Nut - Where to Buy

    We are currently in process of shipping replacement parts /screws, radomes, bracket clamps/ to our Master distributors. I think in Europe they will be receiving it and ready next week, overseas sometimes third week of July. Seizing is an inherent issue when using stainless steel hardware. To prevent seizing to a minimum, use Loctite 8009 or any similar anti seize lubricant. Loctite 8009 shall be globally available.
  3. JT

    twistpor for rocket 5AC

    The difference is in compatibility. The first one works with R5AC-Lite, the other with R5AC-PTP. Those radios have different form factor.
  4. JT


    There will be new TPA for RB announced soon.
  5. JT


    Here is where you can buy one if you need it:
  6. JT

    rocket radio antenna option

    pick the one with similar gain.
  7. https://rfelements.com/products/wireless-broadband/symmetrical-horn-gen2/symmetrical-horn-tp-antenna-2/
  8. JT

    ePMP 3000 twistport adapter

    "outdoor Mu-MiMo" - you better go deep into the topic before asking for specific antenna
  9. Mario, 1. I believe the place is noisy (even if not, it will soon be) 2. shooting sector across the town is not the best practise (nothing that I can recommend to do in general). 3. if it is only 2 clients and you really have to shoot across the town, you would be much better with two PtP links other than 1-3, you will be good with 30° Horn and two decent CPEs. Just mind that this topology is not what you should do to have good performance and stable network.
  10. JT

    Link Calculator - Feedback

    this is the link calculator, not the network planning tool. Adding complexity requires computing power and induces 3rd party costs, so we keep it slim in order to stay flexible and free for the end user.
  11. JT

    Ultradish frequency range

    Oh, yes, sorry, my bad. :)
  12. JT

    Ultradish frequency range

    TP400 or UltraDish TP 5-24? They are not the same thing.
  13. JT

    Ultradish frequency range

    Yes, that is correct, the performance should be OK if you keep it within limits. What link distance + AP setup are you aiming for?
  14. JT

    Ultradish frequency range

    asiri - on TP-A, your limit is 6.4GHz. On UltraDish, I see that the freq range is missing in datasheet - we will correct this asap. Dish is OK up to 6 GHz, but we do not recommend to go beyond that limit.