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  1. twistport for airFiber 5x

    Q2 we announce exact date when we have it
  2. twistport for airFiber 5x

    + it will work with HD
  3. Please check the update below on product availability: i) TP-A for R5AC Prism, as well as for MikroTik RouterBoard are currently out of stock on U.S. market due to growing demand and delayed re-stocking. Shipments are on the way to both of our Master Distributors and have ETA March 1st. If you are in urgent need and can not wait, shoot us private message @JORGE or @JT and we will try to help you. ii) UltraHorn 5-24 Carrier Class (with N connectors) - ETA mid May (Europe) to mid June (Americas, other regions). We will adjust the dates more exact as they got closer.
  4. "It is in pipe, after CNY holiday will come it´s time. We will keep you updated" It means that the production will start after CNY and that we will keep you updated about once we have more information. The information about the product is not on our website, because the product itself is not available.
  5. just check the post above.

    They have them on transfer, ETA late February. If you need them urgently pm me or tasos
  7. šrouby k anténám

    Motiv na zmenu nebol usetrit peniaze. Ale aby sme to neopakovali dokola, chapeme sa asi spravne, ze v pripade hornov nie ste spokojni s kombinaciou skrateneho zavitu a zraloka pri montazach na nizky priemer trubky. Pozrieme sa na to co sa s tym vieme urobit a dame update.

    yes, he was right, there is no 802.11 option for you once on Prism AP. what kind of CPE antennas you are asking? Most of the CPEs are integrated to keep the cost down. You can for sure use any of our TwistPort antenna with TP-A and UBNT IsoStation for CPE.

    Of course it is not true. Who is your distributor please?
  10. Question! and Help

    We can help you, for sure. I guess you already communicate with us over email, so lets follow up via email.
  11. I hope I never said it will be in October It is in pipe, after CNY holiday will come it´s time. We will keep you updated.
  12. šrouby k anténám

    k tej montazi to je tak, ze co niekomu vyhovuje, inemu pride ako problem, a naopak. poznam zakaznikov ktori zasadne nepouzivaju oem skrutky dodane vyrobcom, nakupuju skrutky osobitne u svojho dodavatela. Proste sto ludi = stojeden nazorov. Nami dodavane skrutky su standardne metricke, takze vyriesit specificke pripady sposobom, ktory nie je v sulade s nasim nazorom na vec je technicky mozne. Kazdopadne, my instalaciu na nizke priemery trubiek neodporucame, a sucasne chceme zamedzit moznemu poskodeniu anten pri nevhodnej kombinacii priemeru trubky a dlzky skrutky, preto sme obmedzili dlzku zavitu. Len pre vysvetlenie k predchadzajucej diskusii, na obrazku je ukazany sposob, akym to treba uchytavat na nizke priemery. Pozn.: trubka na fotke by bola zrejme ok aj na montaz s normalne otocenym "zralokom", ale je najuzsia aku mame k dispozicii.