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  1. Our Carrier Class Sectors have an integrated backshield so you can mount them much closer than various other competitor sectors. But I would not recommend putting them closer than about 1 meter from each other.
  2. It depends: do you want to use them on the same channel? Do you want to use a different channels and cover the same area?
  3. @xe3luf: OK, so you can try 3 degree downtilt.
  4. Registration: https://www.rfelements.com/support/webinars/aumento-de-ancho-de-banda/
  5. @xe3luf - what would be the height of your tower for this installation, please?
  6. Registration: https://www.rfelements.com/support/webinars/rechazo-de-ruido/
  7. 3db Horizontal Beamwidth

    @John Rayfield - please, take a look at our ANT files: https://www.rfelements.com/products/wireless-broadband/symmetrical-horn-antennas/download/antenna-files. Plus here is the explanatory that will help you to find the spot you are trying to identify for any given antenna: https://goo.gl/Xx4xWp.
  8. Ak nedokazete manualne nastavit nejaky parameter na radiu, ide s najvacsou pravdepodobnostou o problem s fw konkretneho radia, s tym vam bohuzial nevieme pomoct.
  9. Watch our "Multiple CPE" video tutorial and learn how to use our free Link Calculator for RF elements Symmetrical Horn antennas. Pick your AP and CPEs settings that will fit your needs and get the stats for your potential link immediately.
  10. @Petr, dakujeme pekne za dalsi zaujimavy sposob vyuzitia nasich integracnych platforiem a budeme sa tesit na dalsie pripadne "hacky" v buducnosti :-)
  11. Link calculator

    @Jose Felix Contreras Aguiñaga: our Link Calculator is here - https://www.rfelements.com/calc/ Please, don't hesitate to give it a try and we are looking forward to your feedback here or in it's dedicated thread on RFE lab.