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  1. Kent Urwiller of Prairie Hills Wireless: "A few weeks have gone by and we have started installing customers on a new site. Something pretty amazing I really wanted to share.. Im running 12 RF elements 30 deg horns with 6 Mimosa Networks A5c's. I am able to do a A-B-A-B-A-B configuration without self interference. Pretty dang amazing really. We are seeing around 130-150 Mbps on a 40 MHz channel to each client thanks to 2.3 and C5c. Im using a total of 80 MHz on the tower. Pretty dang efficient if you ask me! https://m.facebook.com/groups/188098974946678?view=permalink&id=315407235549184
  2. PDF files for download / further study - here & here.
  3. @uberdome: No, we don't have ETA for C5c TwistPort Adapter, yet. But it should be available when the UltraDish is out.
  4. @vicent_nb1 hi, we have it in our product roadmap, stay tuned for updates on this here & on our social media channels. thanks!
  5. @mistry7: As mentioned above, we will make announcement about the firm shipping date, once we have it available. Thanks for understanding.
  6. @aardvarkglory thanks for the pics! Have a great weekend. Also, don't hesitate to keep us posted about the results when it will be up and running.
  7. Great, we love to hear that! Can You post some pictures, please? Thanks in advance..