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  1. Pre viac informacii pozrite na: https://rfelements.com/marketing/events/mikroexpo-2018/
  2. @DD3JI: thanks for keeping us posted.
  3. This TwistPort™ Adaptor (TP-A) is also compatible with the newest Gen 2 of Rocket Prism 5AC and with the AF-5XHD airFiber® radios. Complete List of compatible radios includes: UBNT™ Rocket Prism 5AC, Rocket Prism 5AC Gen2, airFiber® 5X and airFiber 5XHD. The migration path from Rocket Prism 5AC to airFiber 5X platform is smooth and effective, as no additional investment on TP-A is required. Learn more: https://rfelements.com/products/wireless-broadband/twistport-adaptor-paf/twistport-adaptor-3/
  4. TwistPort™ Adaptor for RouterBoard™ is compatible with MikroTik™ RouterBOARD™ 9XX, 7XX and 4XX series, as well as with the recent M11 Series. Transition to TwistPort™ waveguide connector is terminated with two MMCX pigtails. Learn more: https://rfelements.com/products/wireless-broadband/twistport-adaptor-for-routerboard-gen2/twistport-adaptor-2/
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