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  1. Great, we love to hear that! Can You post some pictures, please? Thanks in advance..
  2. Battling Noise and Tower Restrictions with RF elements Horns PrimoWireless has been operating in the WISP market of New Zealand for over 11 years. The company started off with Ubiquiti sectors, but soon found out that: 1. They required additional shielding 2. They performed poorly in noisy environment 3. Only a small number of them could be co-located due to their size and beam width Primo's solutions to their problems was to balance out the old sectors with RF elements horns. Matthew Harrison, CEO of the company, sums up his experience with horns: "I was surprised, the answer to everything was yes, and it was so simple, they [the horns] just f**king worked." https://www.rfelements.com/support/testimonials/case-study-primowireless/
  3. Delivering Connectivity to Vessels in Navantia Shipyards Wifi.team is a company that provides wireless solutions in very demanding environments. The main goal of this project was to find a solution for providing internet connectivity to ships that arrive in the yards for repair. The challenge was to provide seamless wireless connectivity on each of their multiple decks. Further requirements were: 1. The solution needed to be scalable, adaptable and easy to deploy since the average repair time for ships is around ten to fifteen days. 2. Shipyards in Navantia have very demanding weather conditions - constant humidity, lot of rain, mist and salt. The equipment needed to survive in this environment. Read the case study to find out how RF elements Symmetrical Horn CC Antennas helped Wifi.team meet these goals! https://www.rfelements.com/support/testimonials/case-study-wifi-team-spain/
  4. Thanks - I just sent You a message here, please check Your inbox .-)