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  1. mistry7, we are working to bring them on market as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more info...
  2. Zach, Seems like they should be available at the end of Q2.
  3. Hi, yes there is nothing magnetic on TwistPort adapter nor horn antenna. Connect the GPS antenna to the connector on the bottom side of the adapter and then place it as high as possible (e.g on the tower) in order to get the best GPS signal. Check this video:
  4. Alasdair, great! Thanks a lot, this is very useful. We are now on travels but once we get back we will definitely look into this.
  5. Hi Alasdair, unfortunately we do not have anything like this. If you want to roughly know the coverage of each horn, you can use "ruler" tool in google earth to determinate angle between two points i.e. the sector that will be covered. Anyway thanks for feedback we will look into this as it might be helpful for others as well.
  6. Nalepka ma aj po pripadnom navlhnuti zanedbatelny vplyv na vyzarovanie a chod anteny. Nie je nutne ju umiestnovat inde.
  7. Novy diel je odliatok takze je ovela kvalitnejsi a presnejsi ako povodny diel. Nase produkty sa snazime neustale inovovat
  8. Yes, that is true. We are working on solution that will help you to set desire downtilt. However for now, the only way is to try it - start we smaller downtilt (e.g. 5°) and if it looks that you are shooting too far add more.
  9. You should look for UltraHorn™ TP 5-24, it is a proper one.
  10. @Arcee Theoretical maximum distance with 16dBi client and SH-TP 5-60 (and maximum output power) is around three miles so for the furthest client use at least 19dBi client. In such a case you can use around 10° downtilt to not spread your signal too far.
  11. Arcee, what kind of CPE does the furthest client have?
  12. If you want to use our three chains antenna with a UBNT gear (UBNT has only two chains APs), you can utilize third chain to connect another one chain radio. It means one antenna with two radios.
  13. Check the discussion about HHV and VVH: However if you are using only UBNT gear there is no 3 chains radio as Netmetal 5 from Mikrotik so you can use that third chain for another one chain AP. This might be useful if you need additional AP to cover your sector. You can have two radios (one of them just one chain radio) connected to one antenna so you save the space on the tower and also it is cheaper than to have two different antennas.
  14. We do not have a firm ETA at the moment. We are working very hard to bring UltraHorns as soon as possible but our works are paused due to new year holiday season in Asia. Stay tuned for more info.