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  2. 5GHz horns work in 5GHz band (5.180MHz and up). They will not operate in 3GHz.
  3. UltraHorns are not commercially available yet. We are working hard to make them available, no firm ETA yet, but will keep you updated.
  4. of course you can use 30° horn for PtP, it only depends if the beam width and gain are OK for your application and environment.
  5. Same issue here. Love the horns, need the P2P solutions. Low wind load is love here.
  6. Since UltraHorns are not available, can regular horns be used to perform a point to point?
  7. Can the horns be used for 3GHz or is strictly 5GHz?
  8. Joseph - thanks for letting us know. We have never seen this before. Probably too much force used when tightening bolts. Tasos will reach you via PM to follow up.
  9. Hi guys, Today i went up to my tower to make some cable replacements, and i noticed some cracks on one of my 90degree horn antennas. This horn antenna is the oldest one, up to the tower for almost a year. Temperatures here are up to 45 celcious degrees for summer, and down to 0 for winter. Have you seen something similar again?
  10. I'm in Canada, where can I buy this? I checked the only distributor in our country and there is no such thing as UltraHorn.
  11. Yes, that is true. We are working on solution that will help you to set desire downtilt. However for now, the only way is to try it - start we smaller downtilt (e.g. 5°) and if it looks that you are shooting too far add more.
  12. You should look for UltraHorn™ TP 5-24, it is a proper one.
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  14. if your goal is to keep it as one wide, long distance sector, just upgrade the antenna to achieve more noise isolation, than 90° Horn is not the right choice. You may go with Carrier Class Sector instead, which has more suitable beam shape for this application. if your preference is to split the existing wide sector to multiple narrower sectors to achieve higher throughput in the area, than you should aim for multiple co-located Horns with narrow beam width (30°-60°) according to the client topology. you can shoot private message to @Tasos or myself for more detailed discussion
  15. We currently use a Ubiquiti RocketDish 5AC31 with Rocket5AC What Ultrahorn will be able achieve or beat these readings?
  16. @JT We currently have Ubiquiti Rocket 5AC-Lite on a Ubiquiti 5AC 120 degree antenna (19dBi) Distance range from 5km - 18km See image of the of the signal strength, I'm afraid if I place a 90 degree horn with 10dBi I'll lose those clients. The clients connecting to the sector are using airMAX AC 25 dBi and 27 dBi parabolic dishes. Let me know your thoughts and recommendations.
  17. Next question... the horn mounts do not seem to have tilt measurements written on them. How do I get my 10 degrees accurately?
  18. Guarda il webinar di RF elements in collaborazione con Allnet Italia per imparare tutto ciò che c'è da sapere sulle Sector Antennas - Symmetrical Horns di prossima generazione a singolo dalle prestazioni eccezionali, e per scoprire il nostro connettore a guida d'onda dal collegamento rapido TwistPort in attesa di brevetto.
  19. Nézd meg az RFelemements és az AccessPoint kooprodukciójában készült webinárt, hogy megtudj mindent a következő generációs szektorokról, a szimmetrikus tölcsér antennákról, melyeknek különleges nyaláb terjedésük, kivételes teljesítményük és egyedi, szabadalmaztatott, csőtápvonalas TwistPort ™ gyorscsatlakozásuk van!"
  20. @Arcee Theoretical maximum distance with 16dBi client and SH-TP 5-60 (and maximum output power) is around three miles so for the furthest client use at least 19dBi client. In such a case you can use around 10° downtilt to not spread your signal too far.
  21. All clients will have this at minimum: By "minimum" I mean 16dbi gain.
  22. Estimado Cram djcram, las cornetas de 90°normalmente son vapazes de cubrir areas de 1-2 km. Hasta tenemos clientes que cubren todavia mas (4-5km), pero todo depende de las condiciones en el entorno donde las usas y de los CPEs tambien. Lo mas conveniente es probarlo directo con la corneta si es posible. Jorge
  23. Arcee, what kind of CPE does the furthest client have?
  24. Buenas Tardes, quería saber que área de cobertura tienen estas antenas de 90° en Kmts. gracias
  25. I wish you guys did not take this conversation offline as I am also at the "To tilt or not to tilt" crossroad. My 60 degree horns will be mounted on a 150 feet tower and my furthest customer away will be... 4 miles maybe? Tasos - Can you give us a rule of thumb here?
  26. If you want to use our three chains antenna with a UBNT gear (UBNT has only two chains APs), you can utilize third chain to connect another one chain radio. It means one antenna with two radios.
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