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  2. Kent Urwiller of Prairie Hills Wireless: "A few weeks have gone by and we have started installing customers on a new site. Something pretty amazing I really wanted to share.. Im running 12 RF elements 30 deg horns with 6 Mimosa Networks A5c's. I am able to do a A-B-A-B-A-B configuration without self interference. Pretty dang amazing really. We are seeing around 130-150 Mbps on a 40 MHz channel to each client thanks to 2.3 and C5c. Im using a total of 80 MHz on the tower. Pretty dang efficient if you ask me!
  3. No. A mystery. My money is on a poor FM install on the tower.
  4. Did u find solution and why it happened in the first place ? @Chad
  5. Its almost been a year since you announced those antennas. Comon guys
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  7. I am currently having a small issue on figuring out the optimum down tilt on the 30deg horns. I have a customer on 30deg sector ePMP1000 with extremely poor signal, we have 5deg of downtilt on the sector to optimize the antenna pattern for customers at lower elevations but this customer is only 100ft lower than the sector. My question is, should we move the antenna up to improve customer signal? And on future deployments should start at 0deg downtilt to help customers at higher elevations?
  8. PDF files for download / further study - here & here.
  9. As usually, we will put pdf files in Download section on our website. If you have Qs or need more info about mounting, please follow up in this thread.
  10. For spacing in cluster deployments, below are the dims for SH-TP antennas + TP-A + Rocket 5AC Prism (both Gen I and II are identical size)
  11. Quite a few questions about dimensions of Horn antennas in last couple of days. Many are designing custom brackets for cluster deployments. Let´s make it a separate topic here. Below you can see three examples of pole diameter vs horn bracket clamps, for your better understanding / imagination. edit: please note, there are two sets of screws in package with every antenna - longer and shorter - so you can better adjust to actual pole diameter.
  12. @uberdome: No, we don't have ETA for C5c TwistPort Adapter, yet. But it should be available when the UltraDish is out.
  13. @vicent_nb1 hi, we have it in our product roadmap, stay tuned for updates on this here & on our social media channels. thanks!
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  15. Hi, Is there any plans to develop TwistPort adapters for the ePmP 2000?? Thanks.
  16. Is there a current estimated release time for the TwistPort Adapter for the Mimosa C5c? I realize the UltraDish does not yet have a firm release date... but is there a chance they will both be available when the UltraDish is out? Thank you - Chris
  17. Chad, thanks for coming back with above info if you will find out the cause or resolution, please put it here
  18. This has been resolved but not sure why. I think the initial problem was related to a new FM station that did some bad grounding. I wish I could say what made it go away but I can't. Which means it will probably come back...
  19. Do not take me wrong - we do have opinions, ideas, concepts. But unveiling product plans equals to making a commitment. We do not want to make commitment before the new board is available and we know what it is. It would be irresponsible and well... just stupid.
  20. An then RF Elects want to begin investigation if there is a market? To Late, someone else will sell it 3x3 is nothing for Long Distance links, but at small ones, why not use 3x3 instead of 20mhz Spectrum?
  21. Estimado Gabriel, claro, con las antenas ULD-380 puedes hacer hasta distancias mas largas que 8km entonces estos enlaces los haras sin problemas :-) Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta, estoy disponible. Jorge
  22. @mistry7: As mentioned above, we will make announcement about the firm shipping date, once we have it available. Thanks for understanding.
  23. Hola Buen Dia, Estamos haciendo un enlace PTP de 8Km (5Millas) y dos de 5Km (3 Millas), he estado revisando la informacion sobre los UltraDish y al parecer por ahora el distribuidor en Mexico solo tiene dispobibles los TP-380, con este modelo puedo hacer el enlace en cuestion de distancia sin problema? Saludos y quedo atento a cualquier apoyo y orientacion que nos puedan dar.
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