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  2. TwistPort adapter for PrismStation?

    These were shown at WISPApalooza. Thank you! BTW, nice job flattening out the curve on the UH-TP-5-24. I'll bet that took some serious work.
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  4. TwistPort for EPMP 2000

    Hi, We really need some of these badly! I saw one at WISPAPALOOZA last week - photo attached. Do you have any engineering samples available or which distributor will have them first? Any release dates? Thanks! Mike Whelan
  5. 1) we will have carrier class model (with N connector). Time wise - right after TwistPort version available (TP is higher priority). There will be TP adaptor for AF5X radio coming out at about the same time. 2) we will update the data on our website and post the link here next week.
  6. First units will be shipped to our distributors next week.
  7. TwistPort for EPMP 2000

    Hi, any progress in epmp2000 twistport ? Thank you!
  8. Hi guys, I need create ptp of 40Km , and i would want use ultrehorn-24 with dual aifiber NXN. I have two questions. 1) Support NxN connect to Twinsport ultrahorn? 2) for RadioMobile , have file .ant for this antenna?
  9. IsoStation

    Ano, s novym TP adapterom pre Iso/PrismStation je mozne pripojit tieto radia k akejkolvek TwistPort antene. Z tych informacii, ktore su nam dostupne k dnesnemu dnu, to bude mozne aj s novymi LTU radiami ktore maju rovnaky vlnovodovy konektor ako Iso/PrismStation. 100% to budeme vediet potvrdit, az ked budu tieto radia komercne dostupne.
  10. Yes, it is updated 24dBi UltraHorn. 40% less volume, improved mount. We will add more info shortly, followed by our vendor presentation video from WISPAPALOOZA 2017 in Las Vegas. First UltraDish units will start shipping to Distributors this month.
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  12. IsoStation

    No som zvedavy co to bude za FIBERSTATION a ake klentske jednotky budu. A prave vcas vysiel TwistPortTMAdaptor for IsoStationTM Takze bude ta nova vecicka ihned pripravena na Twistport Horn
  13. IsoStation

    Ze by dalsi kopie?
  14. antenas rfe

    Hola amigos el dia de mañana 10/10/2016 primero dios pedire a mi proveedor una antena rfe con twistpot no se que tan buenas son pero are la prueba actual mente trabajo con antenas ubiquiti de 90°

    Estimado micampo, o sera la UltraDish o la UltraHorn, todo depende de lo que quieres lograr con las mismas...
  16. Meet with us! Check upcoming events

    Come see RF elements @ WISPAPALOOZA 2017, October 9-13 in LasVegas, Nevada -Booth 413!
  17. Twistport for Rocket M5-AC-PTP-Lite

    @richinuk, hi! That is the wrong one. You need to get this one:
  18. Hi, I'm wondering what is the correct twistport adapter for the Rocket M5-AC PTP Lite? I just bought the adapter for 5AC-PTP but it doesn't fit My radio model is RM5-AC-PTP-Lite. Thanks, Richard
  19. We did Not have any schedule Stress, all links are done, our preorder is cancelded, we dont Need new Antennas until the next 6 Month
  20. Que antena me recomienda para el enlace PTP con Airfiber? Gracias
  21. @mistry7- The delay is frustrating for everyone involved. I assure you. The quality of our products vs others should speak for itself and proof why taking your time to do it right first is more important.
  22. Wait for the next wispalooza, UBNT has faster make a copy of your Products then you relase the origin one....
  23. Customer installations gallery

    @Luis Ezpeleta, thanks for sharing these "horny" pics with us! Cc @JORGE .-)
  24. Customer installations gallery

    CARIBETECH ISP City: Santa Marta Country : Colombia - South America
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