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  2. @mistry7- We are looking at late Q2 for the UltraHorns and about 8 weeks for the UltraDish. We are working hard to meet that time frame.
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  4. Hi Mike, this is not a Date or Time range...
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  6. mistry7, we are working to bring them on market as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more info...
  7. And News for availability of These Antennas
  8. Its only been 6 months. We announced them for the first time in October at WISPApalooza. We will have it as soon as possible.
  9. Yeah but its been like a year almost.Maybe shouldnt take that long cause ppl may start looking for alternatives @Tasos
  10. Battling Noise and Tower Restrictions with RF elements Horns PrimoWireless has been operating in the WISP market of New Zealand for over 11 years. The company started off with Ubiquiti sectors, but soon found out that: 1. They required additional shielding 2. They performed poorly in noisy environment 3. Only a small number of them could be co-located due to their size and beam width Primo's solutions to their problems was to balance out the old sectors with RF elements horns. Matthew Harrison, CEO of the company, sums up his experience with horns: "I was surprised, the answer to everything was yes, and it was so simple, they [the horns] just f**king worked."
  11. Delivering Connectivity to Vessels in Navantia Shipyards is a company that provides wireless solutions in very demanding environments. The main goal of this project was to find a solution for providing internet connectivity to ships that arrive in the yards for repair. The challenge was to provide seamless wireless connectivity on each of their multiple decks. Further requirements were: 1. The solution needed to be scalable, adaptable and easy to deploy since the average repair time for ships is around ten to fifteen days. 2. Shipyards in Navantia have very demanding weather conditions - constant humidity, lot of rain, mist and salt. The equipment needed to survive in this environment. Read the case study to find out how RF elements Symmetrical Horn CC Antennas helped meet these goals!
  12. We are trying @Burc. A quality product takes time and when its available it will be amazing...
  13. Damn its taking too long guys.Hurry up cause ur competitor is coming
  14. Thanks for the update Mike!
  15. Earlier
  16. Zach, Seems like they should be available at the end of Q2.
  17. Any update on this? Have a couple of new installs to do. Trying to determine how close we are and if worth waiting on ultra horns or go a slightly different route.
  18. I'm glad to see others are already finding it useful :).
  19. Náhled jak to může vypadat při rychlém návrhu:
  20. Užvatel ukzerosniper vytvořil šablony RF hornů 30-90 stupňů které stačí vložit do Google Earth a můžete si napánovat pokrytí. Stačí si tyto šablony stáhnout (viz odkaz) a pomocí funkce - "přidat překryvný obrázek" vložit do Google Earth. Pak stačí pomocí kosoštverce natočit úhled do požadované polohy. Nastavit průhlednost obrázku atd...
  21. Thanks. This is very usefull. My first plan for new coverage. It would be usefull add to image "center line" to better orientation during the installation of sector antenna
  22. Hi, yes there is nothing magnetic on TwistPort adapter nor horn antenna. Connect the GPS antenna to the connector on the bottom side of the adapter and then place it as high as possible (e.g on the tower) in order to get the best GPS signal. Check this video:
  23. Alasdair, great! Thanks a lot, this is very useful. We are now on travels but once we get back we will definitely look into this.
  24. Hi Guys, I am starting to get a few of the horns and twist ports in for use in the network. Just building the Rocket 5AC and cant find any spot to conveniently mount the GPS antenna. Am i missing something here? Is there a correct way to install the antenna? It seems that nothing on the antenna or the twistport is magnetic. Thanks guys.
  25. We quickly knocked some up in photoshop to aid with fast preliminary planning in google earth. I have zipped them and attached them to this post. To use these open google earth. Click "Add image overlay" (just left of the ruler tool) Click "Browse" and choose the image Adjust the "Transparency" slider to setup the desired transparency On the map, you will notice the image has a green box around it. Hold SHIFT and drag in the corners to resize and preserve aspect ratio so that the coverage is correct. Use the diamond to rotate the image. Click OK when your done. When i get more time, ill make some prettier ones (unless you have an art guy that could make sexy ones). These were just to help me preliminary plan a few sites really fast in google earth. Thanks Guys. Sector
  26. Hi Alasdair, unfortunately we do not have anything like this. If you want to roughly know the coverage of each horn, you can use "ruler" tool in google earth to determinate angle between two points i.e. the sector that will be covered. Anyway thanks for feedback we will look into this as it might be helpful for others as well.
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